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Amish Romance Series by Arwilda Allshouse

The Amish of Lawrence County Book 1
by Arwilda Allshouse

When Sadie Byler’s wagon breaks down by the side of the road, she and her sister are stranded miles from home. Handsome, kind-hearted Samuel Schrop repairs their wagon, but he also kicks off a rivalry between the two sisters. Sadie's younger sister Esther becomes infatuated with Samuel, but Samuel only has eyes for Sadie, who's also falling for him. 

Sadie pulls back from Samuel for the sake of her relationship with her sister, but Samuel continues to pursue her. Will Sadie have to choose between her love for Samuel and her love for her sister? Will Sadie learn the Christian virtue of patience and begin to let God's will rule her life? 
Samuel’s Promise is a story of sibling rivalry, young love, mistaken intentions and hope for the future. Although this story is part of a series, (Sadie and Samuel 4 in 1 Collection) it can be read as a stand-alone story.  

The Amish of Lawrence County series is set in Western Pennsylvania, where the Amish celebrate God’s Grace with a love of the land and a life of simplicity and faith. 

The Amish of Lawrence County Book 1

An Amish Romance Book 1

The young Amish girl, Sarah Noll, is a romantic at heart, inclined to snooping and leaping from buggies. Her newly married friend, Sadie Byler Shrop tells her she has to come down to earth and make a choice of who she will marry. Levi Mast makes her heart race. He is tall and blonde, just like the Vikings in the forbidden romance novels that Sarah secretly likes to read. So when he asks to take her home after a Sunday Sing, Sarah dreams that he will conquer her heart, but will those dreams become nightmares?

And then there is Simon Byler. He is smart, funny and Godly. He is also her best friend Sadie’s brother. Simon is Sarah’s friend too--the comfortable one, without much adventure, or at least he was until Sarah’s snooping causes her to discover a hidden bag of library books—about electricity! Why would a good Amish man be reading about electricity? Is Simon planning on leaving the Amish? How will Sarah ever tell her best friend Sadie about her brother’s plans? Or should she? Shocked, excited and secretly pleased about Simon’s plans, she joins him in his forbidden quest, but Levi Mast is not ready to give her up. Will they all end up before the Bishop?

Sarah’s Suspicion will make you believe that whichever way the wind blows, God is in control. This is not your typical Amish romance. It’s fun, funny and most importantly inspiring.

The Amish of Lawrence County series is set in Western Pennsylvania, where the Amish celebrate God’s Grace with a love of the land and a life of simplicity and faith. 

An Amish Romance Book 1

Arwilda Allshouse, the eldest girl of nine children, was born to parents of Pennsylvania Deutsch lineage and kept in touch with her grandparents until their death. She is familiar with the mores of most Amish and has endeavored to keep her stories truthful, though fiction. She grew up in an Anabaptist home, spending her whole life in the small Pennsylvania community which nurtured her and her family. She learned to can the vegetables grown on the farm and sew her own clothes and later her children's. She taught her own children and grandchildren the art. She has always loved to read romance, and dreamed of writing and publishing stories, but never seemed to have the time...or the means until ebooks.

Like the Amish, Wilda has always felt that God played a central role in her life and has tried to offer simple work, forgiveness and love in a prayerful way. This is the theme that she hopes runs through her books: remembering that JOY is found by placing Jesus first, then Others and then Yourself.

Wilda lived for many years side by side with the Pennsylvania Amish and now the stories of love and grace that she has always cherished have, with the help of her granddaughters, found a home on Amazon. She hopes that you enjoy reading them as much as she has enjoyed writing them, and always loves to hear from her readers. Find her on Facebook

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