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Tab Calvitti & Jenna Knudsen - IsaEquine

Welcome Tab Calvitti and Jenna Knudsen, the proprietors of IsaEquine. Tab and Jenna are life-long Equestrians whose love of health and all things equine led them to create a health system that educates and engages horse and rider to optimum health.

Peruse their website and journey with them as they encourage and support your success! They are heading to HITS Ocala in March 2015 and will be at Equine Affaire Ohio in April 2015. Check their website for additional venues in your geographic area.

What is IsaEquine?
IsaEquine is an Equestrian focused business dedicated to the riders performance and lifestyle. 

What exactly does your mentoring program entail?
Our mentoring program entails one-on-one coaching where we lay out a simple system that creates a residual income.  The simplicity and ease make it perfect for the busy Equestrian.  

Your health products seem like a good way to keep fit. What exactly is Isagenix?
Isagenix started out 12 years ago as a company dedicated to helping people control their diabetes.  From there they branched out into weight loss, athletic performance, detoxification, and anti-aging.  Our products are science based and the before and after results speak for themselves.

What is the connection between Isagenix and riding?
As women in our 40's, we found ourselves a few pounds heavier than we wanted to be and our energy lacking.  We were introduced to Isagenix and after using the products, losing the weight and feeling incredible, we both thought, "Hey!  This is what our Equestrian world needs!" 

Because here's our experience as riders…up at dawn downing coffee and a sugary doughnut.  Hop in the truck, on the road and snacking on caffeine and junk food.  By lunch we are famished, exhausted and once again eating high-carb, low protein foods that will have us crashing before our afternoon riding class is over.  By the time we're driving home, we're stopping at a fast food restaurant for a quick bite of more junk food and our nutrition intake for the day is alarmingly low.  We knew there had to be a better way. 

What other products do you offer?
In addition to weight loss, detoxing and anti-aging, we also offer an incredible, all-natural skincare line.  All of us riders have super-exposed skin whether that be the riders, trainers or Barn Moms.  

What is the key to optimal health?
The key to optimal health is eating nutrient dense foods, as well as detoxing our bodies from all of the daily chemicals that we are exposed to. Think about how picky we are with our horses, we're now looking out for us riders!

You are going to HITS Ocala in March 2015, then the Ohio Equine Affaire in April, my neck-of-the-woods! Where can I find you at Ohio Equine Affaire?
At this time we're deciding whether to rent a booth or just network in the crowd.  Call us and we'll meet up! You won't miss us…look for the two women wearing jackets that read LIVE YOUR PASSION, FUND YOUR DREAM!  Introduce yourself; we'd love to meet you!

What does horsemanship mean to you?
Horsemanship means being the best rider you can be - both mentally and physically.  If we're not eating well and giving our body what it needs, we are not at our best.  We expect our horses to perform at their best and feed them accordingly, now it's time to do the same for ourselves.  Horsemanship is also a way of life.  It's being dedicated, excited and being part of a community that stands together and stands for excellence.  This is why we are so proud and excited to introduce IsaEquine into this world.  

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