Sunday, February 22, 2015

Debra Butler, Author & Poet

From Pennsylvania, USA, Author Debra Butler writes to inspire and encourage. Raised in a Armenian/Italian home, Debra began writing poetry at a young age. She has devoted her writing and life to the Lord.

Welcome Debra!

What is the premise for your book 'What Matters: the promise’ ?  
I have always been very close to the Lord feeling Jesus was my invisible friend growing up; I spoke to Him all the time and continue to do so. He allowed me to rhyme words all day long and I kept getting better and better at it as I grew up. When I was an adult and recognized it as a gift from God I turned my attention toward Him and incredible poems came out of that connection. 

The premise of my book is the Word of God. Biblical material in modern poetic form one can relate to in their everyday lives. 

Who is your target audience? 
My target audience is church groups, nursing home residents, patients undergoing treatments, anyone longing for hope. I get my material from my strong religious upbringing and undying faith in Jesus. 

Can you share one of your favorite poems? 
One of my favorite poems is the book's namesake and it centers around the relationship between Jesus, Martha, Mary and Lazarus. It's named What Matters and I hope you enjoy it:

How could she just sit there with everything going on?
By the time I take care of everything He will be gone.
I have to prepare a meal and serve the guests in my home,
And there she sits leaving me to do everything alone.

I have so many things to worry about and she doesn’t care.
She’s anointing His feet and wiping them with her hair.
And He says, “Martha, why do you worry about meaningless things?
Your sister has chosen to do what matters for the joy that it brings.”

And when He came back after my brother Lazarus had died
I told Him He could have come back sooner and saved him if He tried.
And he said, “Your brother shall rise; I will bring him forth today,
I am the life and resurrection and whoever believes will be saved.”

Jesus went to the tomb and asked that they clear away the stone,
And He spoke to His Father to show He didn’t do this alone.
And He thanked God for hearing Him and called Lazarus’ name.
And from the tomb, though dead for days, my brother lived again.

There was no question but that He was the Christ sent from above,
To show us there is no need to worry if we trust in God’s love.
And I learned it didn’t matter how the rest of the world sees us;
All that matters is the time you spend at the feet of Jesus. 

© Debra Butler

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