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Amber Moore, Author


Author Amber Moore grew up in Athens County, Ohio, USA, and has lived most of her adult life there. Moore met her husband in high school and they have been together for 14 years. The couple has two beautiful children, ages four and six, both of whom are autistic. Moore has a wide and varied educational background, including animal science, Horsemanship, survival and backpacking, accounting, and business. She has always been fascinated with folklore, legends, and myths. In addition, Moore has found herself drawn to animal behavior, particularly human behavior and psychology. Moore's first novel Bartender Tales was released in 2014.

What is the premise for ‘Bartender Tales’?
My husband, Chad, encouraged me to write Bartender Tales for him.  The book was based originally on a dream and then took on a life of its own. Bartender Tales is a suspense/thriller novel. The main character, Wesley Lake, applies for a bartender position at ‘The Last Stop’. The owner of the bar not only hires him but pretty much gives him the bar itself. Despite the owner's strange behavior, Wesley takes the job. Anything he needs begins to fall effortlessly into his lap. However, soon the mysterious deaths associated with the bar become unavoidable. Wesley soon discovers that for some who enter the bar, it truly is their last stop. His failed attempts to put a stop to the deaths only lead him closer to the inconceivable truth, and the impossible decision that he is forced to make that will impact the rest of his life.

Who is your favorite character? 
That is a very difficult question.  I suppose each character has different personality traits that I admire on some level. If forced to choose I would go with either Bishop or Raven as my favorite. I like Bishop because I value his intelligence, adaptability, and fierce loyalty. I feel the German Shepherd breed itself is a beautiful, courageous breed worthy of admiration. I like Raven, because although she is guarded and secretive, she has survived her brutal past to become strong and observant, with a deep awareness about the world around her. Raven was also part of the original dream that inspired the book.

Is your storyline based upon your own experience?
The storyline for Bartender Tales was based upon a dream.  The rest was furnished by my twisted overactive imagination. However, I suppose it is partly based on my own experience. Anyone who is spent any amount of time at a bar observing people will recognize and relate to each of the characters. Most of the stories and events that occur in ‘The Last Stop’ are similar to what you would expect from a visit to your own local bar.

Who is the beautiful Shepherd on your book cover?
The German Shepherd on the cover of the book is Bishop. Bishop is a stray that comes out of nowhere to protect Wesley from a belligerent drunk. He soon becomes Wesley's best friend, companion, and Guardian.

This was your debut novel.  What about the publication process surprised you the most?
Going into the publication process, I was aware that it is a business like any other. So I was somewhat prepared for that aspect. I believe what surprised me the most was the amount of research and knowledge needed to understand the ins and outs.  Such as the language and terms used in the publication process as well as format requirements, cover photo design, etc.
Describe your writing process… (aesthetics/environment, as well as other aspects).

Typically when I began writing I pretty much have an entire book stuck in my head from beginning to end, and I am eager to unleash it with a pen and paper. Prefer it to be quiet when I write as I’m sure most writers do. I like to be left to my own devices. Unlike most writers, I handwrite in a notebook. I find it easier more portable and convenient for my lifestyle. I typically write when my children are in school. My favorite place to write is in our camper or beneath a tree. Like the main character in the book, I find comfort and inspiration in nature. After I have finished a chapter I then transcribed it onto my computer in a novel format for my editor. I tend to be a pretty logical thinker, so if I don't fully understand the details of something I'm writing I do a lot of research to ensure accuracy. I'm sure from an outside point of view some of the topics that I research would seem quite odd or sadistic, but I like my details to be as factual as possible.

What are you currently writing?   
I recently finished writing Why Monsters are Afraid of Teddy Bears for my children. My son like most children his age is afraid of the dark. The book is based on a bedtime story I tell my son.  The photo illustrations were done by my husband. The book is currently with my editor. I am hoping to know the release date sometime in February or March of this year. I am currently back to work on the sequel to Bartender Tales. I have had so many of my fans request a sequel that I felt obligated to oblige. The book is titled Bartender Tales: The Rise of a Reaper and I'm currently working on chapter 5.

What are you currently reading?
I am currently reading the Harry Potter series with my son. We encourage daily reading with both of our children.  I feel reading regularly is important, especially for those who write.

Who is your favorite author?  
My favorite author is Stephen King. As a child by family had a hard time getting me to read anything. That all changed with the introduction of Stephen King. Although they thought his work was too advanced for me at the time, they were just so happy to see me reading that they let me run with it. I like him because he has an in-depth understanding of human behavior something that fascinates me.  I also find it very frustrating if I am able to figure out a story before the end. Stephen King always has a surprising twist that keeps you guessing, and I find it much more thought-provoking.

Do you have advice for novice writers?                                         
Write for yourself. Write because it is your passion. Write because you have a story to tell. Regardless of what your dreams are in life, there are always those who will say you can't or shouldn't for whatever reasons. Follow your dreams. You always fail if you never try, just as the answer is always 'no' if you never ask.  So there's no downside to trying.

I know you are a horsewoman as well.  Tell me about your horse history…
I am a lover of animals. I enjoy being around anything with four legs, and fur. Horses are no exception. In my youth, I was enrolled in Backcountry Horse at Hocking College, and I loved every minute of it. I also worked for a while at The Last Chance Corral, which was another wonderful experience. Being in the barn among the horses is the only time I've ever been up at five o’clock in the morning and been happy about it.

What was the most important thing that you experienced while enrolled in Hocking College’s Wilderness Horsemanship program?
I learned so much while enrolled under the Horsemanship program. Most importantly I learned to trust my horse and myself. I feel it is very important to be in tune and to be friends with my horse. Your horse may sense danger or know something that you may not be aware of. Being in tune and trusting your horse can keep you safe. At Hocking College, Lady was my best friend. She was a very interesting horse with a lot of depth to her. She didn't care for men and could be quite bullheaded. One day while leading a trail ride Lady suddenly refused to continue down the trail. I didn't force her. I knew that something was wrong. My instructor took the lead and continued down the trail. It turned out there was a snake on the path, it spooked my instructor’s horse, and she was thrown breaking her collarbone in the process. I was grateful to have such a close relationship of Lady, especially that day. I learned to follow my instincts, use common sense, and always keep my wits about me. When I first started at Hocking College, we had the horses hobbled in a grazing field. A crotchety old donkey decided to stir up some trouble and started a stampede. The whole herd was running straight towards another girl and me. I remember the fear upon her face when she looked toward me asking what to do. Out of instinct told her to run for the tree line, and sure enough when the horses reached the trees they slowed and dispersed. I also learned what pride and sense of accomplishment you feel after a hard day’s work in the barn.

Can you share a favorite horse-related anecdote?
Each horse has its own unique personality. I remember being stepped on once by horse named Roadie, and when I yelled I could tell by the look on his face that it hurt him more than it hurt me. With my foot throbbing, I still felt sorry for him.  I suppose my favorite memory will always be of Chief out at The Last Chance Corral. I called him Chief because of the brand on his hindquarters. He had quite the personality, and I loved him dearly. When I would be working in the field, he would sneak behind me quietly.  When I would turn to look at him, he would stop and look away like he wasn't doing anything. Then when my back was turned, he would continue to follow me. We played this game nearly every day. I was pregnant when I worked there and while in the field one day, one of the other horses charged me. Chief came out of nowhere to push the other horse off course and away from me. When I left The Last Chance Corral, I was heartbroken.  I wanted to take Chief home with me so badly, but I didn't have a suitable home to bring him home to. I still miss him and think about him often. I hope that he found a good home and received all the love that he deserved.

What does horsemanship mean to you?
To me, horsemanship means a sense of pride and accomplishment.  It is being among kindred spirits. It is chance to be near the most beautiful gentle and loving creatures you could ever meet. For me, riding a horse is pure freedom and nothing short of complete peace.

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