Monday, June 9, 2014

Yogesh Bochkar, Equestrian

From Hyderabad, Anhra Pradesh, India, welcome photographer, Marwari horse owner, and equestrian Yogesh Bochkar!  

What horses do you stable?
Right now having one stallion Balwaan, and one mare Raani, and one 9 month filly.

What is your favorite subject to photograph?
There's just something about my candid shots of horse at play time in water and when he is released from the stable, their joy  - and that melts my heart.

"My interest started here in photo shoots... these are taken in mist at winter early morning"
What camera do you recommend?
See Gina, when we talk about the camera it doesn’t matter at all in photography. If you want to tell some thing by photo, it is up to you only on your interest and how to adapt to the situation and the way to present it…that’s it.

Is it difficult to photograph horses?
In taking photos is not the big issue...first you have the patience. In my entire time I had never taught by any one. It is my own experience. If you have the patience every day is one lesson. Take shots and take shots and take shots... continue...

Why are Marwari horses so amazing?
Marwari horses are so amazing because first thing they are Marwari Horses, and the ears of Marwari are so impressive... in my point of view you are impressed by the ears of Marwari horse.

What else do you like to do besides photography?
Beside of photography I am a Post graduate person; I have completed my Management in Business Administration, and interested in my morning run, and bike riding and a few other sports. I work full time, I am pretty active, but like my down time. I'm learning photography by just playing around with my camera and reading information...that's it…

What is it like living and photographing in India?
Initially I felt awkward doing this job, but now I’ve got used to it. It doesn't feel bad anymore. 1.2 billion people are living in India. Life in India is immensely exciting. In our India most people are friendly and welcoming to strangers who are trying to adapt to the India way of life. To start with the positive aspects: India can be extremely rewarding for those who embrace its challenges.

Where is your favorite place to visit in India?
One of my favorite places is Tryambak. Tryambak is located at 19.56°N 73.32°E.[1] It has an average elevation of 720 metres (2362 feet). It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. The extraordinary feature of the Jyotirlinga located here is the Linga in the temple is in the form of a three faced embodying Tridev, Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. The town is appealing with natural attractions. It is at the foothills of amazing Brahmagiri & Gangadwar mountains nestled among lusting green woody trees and picturesque environments. The serene ambiance and the pleasant climate make the town of Trimbakeshwar a hot spot for nature loving tourists apart from Hindu pilgrims.

List 10 things that people may not know about you....
1)                 I've been driving for over 25 years
2)               I play guitar and sing
3)                I am addict of strong coffee
4)               I get in Nature and express gratitude
5)                I meditate for 2 hours every day
6)               I am an optimistic person
7)                I am the only son and 1 sister
8)               I love to look at the stars in sky at night when I lay down on cot, out of my room, in balcony
9)               I once tried to learn Spanish, but didn't get very far
10)           I want to travel the world
11)             I spend way to much money, most I waste on Housery and food I don't need..

Connect with Yogesh...

Bathing time
Sunrise as seen through Marwari Horse Balwaan ears..


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