Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lily Alvarez Dolan, Author

First and foremost Lily Alvarez Dolan is a lover of Jesus. His Holy Word is precious to her.  Lily is Mom to 5 adult children. Four are married and, with their spouses, are raising her 9 grandkids to know Jesus. Lily’s husband received his crown of life in the summer of 2012. They were married almost 44 years. Now Lily’s Maker is her Husband, as Isaiah 54 promises.

Lily worked in Christian Radio as a DJ and Music Programmer in the 90s and left in 2000 to spend time with her husband and grandkids. John, her husband, had a stroke in '97, heart surgery in 2003 and their son gave him a kidney in 2009, which gave them 3 extra years. John literally glowed like gold with the reflection of Jesus through his trial by fire.

Lily is now doing worship concerts and coffee shops with her friend, Celia. They have 30 plus songs the Lord has given them.  Lily and Celia hope to share the love of Christ with as many as possible.

What prompted you to write Fire in the Bible?

I never set out to write a book. It was a personal word study. I used a list of 150 verses from a concordance went through them within a years’ time. I shared each day with my listeners on radio and got a good response. When I left radio I started studying the history and geography surrounding those verses along with the Hebrew and Greek translations.

Can you share an excerpt....

In 2 Chronicles 36:12, we learned that Zedekiah did evil in God’s sight, and did not humble himself before Jeremiah, who spoke from the mouth of the Lord. We learn in the following verses that the people and rulers “mocked and misused” the messengers that God had sent to warn them. In verse 19, we see that the Chaldeans burned down the temple and all the palaces. Verse 21 tells us this happened to fulfill the word of the Lord by Jeremiah. 2 Kings 25:9 says the captain of the guard to the king of Babylon burned the house of the Lord, the king’s house, and the houses of Jerusalem, along with “every great man’s house,” with fire.

To bring this into perspective, try to imagine that if forces from Iraq attacked America, and a Christian prophet told government leaders to submit to their rule because God had warned them if they didn’t, they would be killed. I doubt anyone would listen. The natural response would be to resist dominion by a foreign country on our native soil.

Ironically, as I type this section, there have been “rumors of wars” against Iraq because they are believed to be harboring weapons of mass destruction. Even more ironic is the fact that Babylon was situated where Iraq is.

It was the Jews that were carried away into captivity by the Babylonians for seventy years that preserved their race, which would later become the lineage of Jesus Christ. It was Daniel who understood from Jeremiah’s prophecies about the seventy years of desolation in Daniel 9:2. Those who escaped the sword were carried away to Babylon, and in 2 Chronicles 36:21, we read, “To fulfill the word of the Lord by the mouth of Jeremiah, until the land had enjoyed her Sabbaths: for as long as she lay desolate she kept her Sabbath, to fulfill threescore (sixty) and ten years.

Although the Jews in Babylonian captivity returned to Jerusalem after seventy years, Daniel also spoke of the seventy weeks (of years), with the final week representing the fulfillment of end time prophecies. We are living in the interlude before that final week. Jesus spoke of the desolation in Luke 21:20, warning us of the time when Jerusalem will be surrounded by armies, indicating that the desolation is close. In Luke 21:22, the Lord says that those will be the days of vengeance so that all the things that were written would be fulfilled.

Fire in the Bible
Copyright 2007
Lily Alvarez Dolan

What can we do to prepare for Christ's coming?

Daily walk with Him and stay in His Word.

What does Christianity mean to you?

It's the newness of life bought for me by the blood of Jesus Christ when He
died on the cross and rose again.

What are you currently writing?

I am editing the second book of Fire in the Bible. The first book covered the verses from Genesis to Daniel. The next book is the Minor Prophets through the New Testament. I am always writing poetry. Some turn into songs thanks to my friend who sings.

Where do you like to write?

At my favorite mesquite table turned into my desk.

How do you maintain thoughts and ideas?

I don't...it's a Holy Spirit thing. I am so easily distracted and go off on tangents.

Do you have advice for aspiring writers?

The first rule of writing is to start writing.

List 10 things that your fans may not know about you...
Although I love being around people, I also like my privacy.

When I drive by myself I usually listen to Christian Hard Rock...loud!

I struggle with pride and vanity.

I love to play with my grandkids....we had a water fight with hoses just the other day.

I'm very picky about what I eat.

My favorite color is blue.

I love old black and white movies.

I was a tomboy growing up.

I like muscle cars and the sound of engines roaring.

I love to watch the stars pop out at night.
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