Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Signs of failing

Signs of failing

by Joe M.
Love me with your heart as you should !
Not just like a roamer in a delusional mind, been lost from the thinking neighborhood. 
Look into my eyes and show me where have you hidden your pure love and adoration, 
Or they have been stolen by the bloody separation.
I can not recognize you anymore,
And the feeling of lost growing inside of me, like a ship in the sun looking for an ocean and its shore.
Sounds like I have already lost my mind !
Yet, loving you is keeping my sanity as life without you is just a bind.
And here I go, I'm swimming in my broken dreams,
With cruel fate as hard as it could ever seem.
Here I am, sitting by myself as misery raining,
Watching day and night as they are signs of failing.
I'm not complaining nor moaning !
I'm the man who made you a part of him but now I'm in sadness rolling !
Utter the truth as much as you can ! 
Don't make me feel I was just a temporary plan.

From Egypt, Joe is an international poet sharing his thoughts throughout the
world poetry community, penning profound messages that stir the heart.


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