Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vampire Maman


Musings of a Modern Vampire Mom

Welcome to the world of the Vampire mom. I hope to offer a safe place for information on parenting the modern vampire child – especially your Vampire teens.

With so many vampire books and movies out now our kids are overloaded with conflicts about their own self image. The secrets we keep for our survival are often difficult for the vampire kid of the 21st Century. Sure our kids are the coolest kids around – the only problem is that they can’t let anyone else know about it. And as a parent – what can you do? Follow me and my friends in our quest to do our best to raise successful vampires in a time where “anything goes” when it comes to the public view of vampires.

For those of you who are not in the vampire community, I hope that you visit with an open mind and learn to live life with joy, knowing that I'm not here to turn you into a vampire or kill you. Like the rest of you I'm just trying to raise our kids, pay our taxes and do the right thing.

Thank you so much for visiting Vampire Maman - Musings of a Vampire Mom. I hope to see you back soon! Feel free to follow the blog on Wordpress and get the latest news, funny stories, poetry, book reviews, musings, cocktails and fun.

An interesting hybrid of family and societal observations from the perspective of a mother who also happens to be a vampire. That Vampire Maman, aka Juliette, is a highly innovative and insightful writer with a gift for creating a fantasy world within a “real” world context. (From monkeybellhop.com).
I can explain the wonder and awe and feeling of being so complete and one with the universe when I’m in the presence of art. It is time travel for the soul. It is the essence of being. It was something that transports. It is like a high that no drug can match. It is magic. ~ Juliette


This blog is about sharing information. From time to time blogs about books or businesses I like, but it is information about friends, books, services we like. I am not getting paid for any of it. This is all just for fun.

If you have any suggestions about blog posts contact juliettevampiremom@gmail.com.

And remember...

Do it like you're screaming out the truck window!
My goal is to amuse and educate and promote responsible parenting.

Musings of a modern vampire mom. 
Visit the blog at: vampiremaman.com

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