Monday, July 1, 2013

Press Release

AHP Newsgroup: Equestrians from Around the World

Gina McKnight, Author & Freelance Writer
Member: Ohio Arts Council & Outdoor Writers of Ohio

Author, freelance writer and equestrian, Gina McKnight, shares her current interview series of equestrians from around the world! Informative anecdotes, training suggestions, beautiful equine photography, and much more…

Enjoy internationally acclaimed author and equestrian Barbara Morgenroth’s interview about her fiction and non-fiction equestrian novels..and more….

From Dallas, Texas, USA, currently living in Gilmer, Texas, Angela Norton is the proprietor of Diamond Magic Arabians, an exclusive ranch producing award winning horses….

Stavros Vergis is a seasoned horse trainer. Mentored by famous Australian equestrian Eric Mathie, Stavros takes his time when schooling a horse. He emphasizes a light rein, a relaxed disposition and an intuitive rider for optimum results.  Now residing in Athens, Greece, Stavros answers questions about his horsemanship and he's looking to India for his next training adventure….

Equine Dentist, Jeffery Klepinger, shares his insight to equine dental care; the importance of caring for your horse's teeth!

Judith Hamilton-Schultze is the CEO and President of Equine Community Organization, Natural Organic World, LLC, Bradenton, Florida, USA. An avid animal advocate, her passion lies with saving America’s wild horses…

Residing in Illinois, USA, Lynette Partridge-Schneider is a World-Class equine judge, horse expert and equestrian. The founder and proprietor of Quail Ridge Equine, Lynette continues to share her passion for horses…

From Chelmsford, United Kingdom, Gaby Lucas has been riding since she could walk. She is an international equestrian currently in the World Class Dressage Development Programme, vying for a spot in the Olympics and the WEG (World Equestrian Games).

Briana M. Mott is the quintessential race day fashion authority! As CEO of Fashion at the Races, Briana is always wearing the perfect outfit! What to wear to the races? Just ask Briana.

From Donegal, Ireland, Esther O’Kane rides with grace, beauty and talent.  An all-around equestrian, Esther travels the world with her lovely dog, Scampus Maximus, showcasing her amazing riding abilities.

Tamara Rymer is one of the world’s top equine artists. Residing in Texas, USA, Tamara’s artwork is showcased in numerous public galleries, as well as private collections. She has earned multiple national awards for her breathtaking artwork.

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