Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Secretary

At the barn office, Bake (the cat) likes to sleep on my manuscripts. There are pawprints on my editor's copy. I suppose my editor won't mind, as long as I meet my deadline! 

Bake has five toes on each paw, which makes him purrr-fect!

Bake helping with correspondence...or is he? zZZzzz...

"Pose, Cherokee! This is for mom's blog"
"Tell them it's our naptime, Cherokee. Go back to sleep!"

"There's a mouse? Where?"

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Anil Srivastava said...

One can't duplicate G McKnight. The Good Lord above broke the mould after designing her.

Sally said...

Oh Gina, I love your blog about Bake, the secretary. You & I seem to be on similar wavelengths here this morning. My blog today was, "The Milliner's Muse", and you'll have to see who mine I.... Your Bake reminds me SO much of my Maggie. How I miss her. He looks to be quite the character. As he should be. Kitties are the best!