Friday, July 5, 2013

Udeme Ralph, Author

Udeme Ralph is a Nigerian novelist, poet, and philosophical essayist. Currently a student of history and international studies at the University of Calabar, he has written a number of articles censuring atheistic worldviews and relativistic ideologies, all for the defense and propagation of truth. Udeme is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers Association (ACFW); the author of the acclaimed novel Beyond the Veil.

Welcome Udeme!

About Beyond the Veil…
“In the kingdom of Sapienland, after a series of grave disasters, the land is in a state of chaos and desolation. Even the least-philosophical soul is drawn into philosophical quests and rueful reflections. A mountain of mysteries envelops all minds, as they start questioning the fundamental verities of humanity. If they must understand the cryptic realities that surround their existence, they need to transcend the realm of appearance and empty speculations and behold reality as it truly is.”

What was your motivation to write 'Beyond the Veil'?

Beyond the Veil, as an idea, came to me as a result of the many delusional veils that surround reality,  which, having blinded the eyes of many, have led to several controversies, debates, contrary creeds and some pretty absurd theories that overwhelms the world today. I have always believed that truth is One, and even logic proposes the same; one thing can't be true and false at the same time. As such, I thought of it, that perhaps, a veil has covered a greater part of reality, thereby leading to delusions and false cognition; I also reasoned that if we can look beyond this veil, perhaps, the greatest questions of humanity, that has troubled minds for ages, can be understood. Due to my penchant for literature, I decided to turn the conversations into a work of fiction. 

What is the premise for 'Beyond the Veil'?

My premise is this: that there is an absolute truth, and an ultimate purpose for the existence of humankind. It is left for us, then, to dig deeper to know this absolute, ultimate reality.

Who are the main characters?

Theophilus; he is the one who plays the role of the author, the one with the sheer truth; Gordon, the king of Sapienland, where the entire discourse takes place. There is also Cognac, (from Cognition) the philosophical soul who frequently refutes and debates.

Who is your target audience?

Men of reason, those who like literary works that reflect life's deepest questions--those who are willing to know and cleave to truth.

Who is your favorite author?

I should say Ralph Emerson. His writings inspire me so much. In the world of fiction, Paul Coelho is my favorite author for now. 

....favorite philosopher? 

Blaise Pascal

Where is your favorite place on Earth?

Queensland, Australia. The serenity, the liberality of its people, the awesome vegetation--they are simply amazing!
What is your most prized possession?

My writings, especially the first draft. I believe they hold the entire inspiration of the work in its crude, yet sublime, form. I may edit, and even publish; but the first scribbles, no matter how feeble they appear, are of utmost importance to me.

Do you believe in Heaven?

Yes, I believe in heaven as I believe in earth. I don't just believe; I know, and perceive that there is a place called heaven, or a heaven in the form of a place. The Bible says there is heaven, and I believe the Bible. Heaven is a place of reward, and since I believe in eternity, and in rewards, I believe in eternal reward. It might not necessarily be because of our good works, but because of God's unmerited grace which eventually leads to unmerited, endless reward; hence, heaven.

What are you currently writing?

A single novel about the need to transcend the hurdles of life and achieve one's biggest dreams. The idea has been in me for a long time, but I commenced the writing the day Beyond the Veil was published.
Do you write poetry?        

I do write poetry but not at the "public" level; I may concentrate on poetry in the future, but for now, my attention is fully on prose. However, I reflect my fondness for poetry in my novels, sometimes allowing the characters to speak or sing poetic lines.

When/where is your next book signing?

This will take place in Nigeria. I have not yet decided on the date.

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