Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Mylee's Corner: Beloved Bakery - Alfonso's Italian Kitchen and Bakery


Beloved Bakery

Alfonso’s Italian Kitchen and Bakery located at 19 West Columbus Street, Nelsonville, Ohio, has become my new favorite place!

Alfonso’s offers many different things from danishes to stromboli to loaves of bread. My favorite is the fresh fruit danish, a perfectly good danish filled with cream and topped with strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. It’s cooked to perfection and tastes delicious! It’s my go-to every time I go there. The tiramisu, cannoli, and brownies are also very good. I haven’t tried anything from there that I haven’t enjoyed and the prices are great for the portions.

The staff is also very friendly. They kindly answer any questions and put your order together quickly. The setup of the bakery is very practical as well. They have a cooler of drinks and provide plasticware and napkins. It’s a perfect affordable trip that I will definitely be going to more often. Check out their menu https://alfonsositalianbakery.com/kitchen-menu/

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Master Chef, Alfonso Contrisciani

Photos by Mylee

Mylee is a journalism student at Tri-County Career Center. She resides in Logan, Ohio. Mylee enjoys reading, writing, and crafting. 

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