Tuesday, June 7, 2022

The Business That Runs on Its Own: 10 Steps to Working with a Business Coach that Takes Your Business to the Next Level and Fulfills Your Dream Lifestyle by Suresh Iyengar


The Business That Runs on Its Own: 10 Steps to Working with a Business Coach that Takes Your Business to the Next Level and Fulfills Your Dream Lifestyle

by Suresh Iyengar 

The Business That Runs on Its Own will help you think deeper about achieving your dream lifestyle–and dramatically grow your business working with a business coach.

Based on his twenty years of experience in making businesses profitable, Suresh reveals the ten secret steps of expanding, repeating and sustaining your success as a business owner, CEO, founder or entrepreneur.

With real-life anecdotes and practical examples in each chapter, you’ll learn how to apply proven ways to work on your business and transform your life. Suresh shows you the exact technical steps that could make your business profitable instead of abstract methods. This proven, step-by-step approach will help you know how to work with a business coach through a better mindset, new technology, tools and templates and experience more successes.

Whether you want to increase profits, balance your cash flow or build a return on your business investment, The Business That Runs on Its Own makes it easy, simple and practical–starting with a small business assessment.

Order your copy now and start making changes that will take your business to the next level!


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About the Author

Suresh Iyengar is a Profitability Coach who collaborates with CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives and business owners to uncover hidden profits and create new wealth from private profitability coaching.

After spending nearly two decades in multi-million dollar companies, Suresh knows exactly what drives business growth, profits and sales––and it’s not abstract ideas. It’s how you craft your detailed plan and carry it out, quickly building loyal fans for your goods and services.

Suresh has written over 100 blog articles and published 12 Amazon eBooks on business growth.

Suresh is a versatile public speaker and Toastmasters Advanced Communicator Silver, Intuit Proadvisor and LivePlan Expert Advisor, helping businesses experience explosive growth using advanced solutions in the areas of time, team and money.

On getting promoted to a top PMO leadership role in a Fortune 500 company, Suresh drove business efficiency that increased order ability 43% and cut costs $214M. As a result, the company grew profits 30% in 8 months––despite relentless order intake. Earned ABB Quality Salute award for business unit performance.

Suresh coached executives and business units in 80 countries.

Suresh has a bachelor’s degree in Instrumentation Technology, master’s degree in Electrical Engineering and MBA. He is a Professional Engineer, Project Management Professional and Stanford University certified in project management

Why Suresh? Other professionals tell you how quickly they can help you grow your business, but what they don’t tell you is that they give broad roadmaps and no detailed solutions. They charge for every small abstract advice. And they don’t offer a complete solution that delivers results. Business owners are tired of working in this way. Suresh takes the time to craft a full solution that’s detailed and works for YOU.

Join him at www.buexecution.com or on Twitter at @buexecution

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