Wednesday, June 8, 2022

On the Job Lessons: Management Style eBook

On The Job Lessons


Welcome practical advice and tips for

bettering your career goals and work life.

Our Management style eBook is a carefully constructed digital book that highlights some of the most common management style approaches. It is designed to offer great insight into recognizing how you operate as a manager.

Is this something you've ever given thought to? 

Do you self-analyze yourself as a manager to see if your approach or the strategies you use are effective? 

Or do you just go through the motions without giving it a second thought? 

This eBook will unlock your thought process allowing you to truly see where you stand as a manager, in hopes of unshackling patterns that do not work while embracing ones that do. Are you ready to identify your management style and see where you fit on the leadership scale? We're ready when you are, let's get started!

“A manager that loves to take control in the workplace actually has some positive points.

You would find that because of your need to oversee trivial details, you have great organization skills and an eye for detail. You are also careful with time management and will insist on adherence to schedules and deadlines.

On the flip side, there are negative qualities that relate to this form of management. This tendency to be overly controlling stems from…”

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On the job lessons is a knowledge based website that offers eBooks on work and job related issues. These include advice and practical tips to help you in your career goals and life on the job.


From the Author
This eBook was created out of a passion to improve work relations in every industry, country and culture. We are driven to share valuable knowledge to anyone seeking clarity on work life and becoming a better leader. Our content derived from over 20 years of real life experiences on the job from various positions including line staff, management and ultimately business owners. When it comes to on the job lessons, we've lived it, experienced it, and learned from it. That's why we are dedicated to sharing these lessons with you as a guide to your own career success. We are looking forward to bringing you more thought- provoking, inspiring and interesting content, so continue to stay connected to us. We'll see you on the inside! ~ Lithera Sturrup, Content Creator



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