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The Bird in the Bayou: An Urban Romance Mystery & Suspense (a Voodoo Priestess & Witch of the South) by Smokey Moment

The Bird in the Bayou: An Urban Romance Mystery & Suspense (a Voodoo Priestess & Witch of the South)

by Smokey Moment  

A doll…An elixir…A crystal ball…A potion!

Birdie Boucher knows the trade well…

She is one of the most powerful voodoo priestesses there is, yet she has been humbled…

It destroyed her life! And she wants her life back!

Birdie Boucher is a woman who lives her life in the shadows of her infamous mother. A powerful voodoo priestess of the south, who uses magic to wreak havoc on the lives of anyone who gets in her way. And any woman she believes is the lover of her philandering husband.

Her young daughter lives in her shadow, trying to adjust to the life of being the daughter of one of the most feared women around. But life with a mother who wields so much power proves difficult. Birdie feels the threat. Her mother is more than a danger to others. She proves that she is a danger to her daughter as well, as she snatches her voice one day and places it in a mason jar. Birdie tries to move but is devastated. And when things get worse, Birdie is forced to wield a little magic of her own!

Fast forward ten years later. Birdie is still living with the stigma of her mother’s past. She wants love. She wants to marry and have children. But the local men won’t touch her despite her undeniable beauty. They are afraid! Because men who date Birdie Boucher turn up dead! And Birdie can’t shake what seems to be her karma. She stops dating. It’s the only way to keep men safe.

It isn’t long before fate intervenes and deals Birdie a sweet blow. Harlem Ryder seems like the answer to any woman’s prayers. He sees Birdie and is immediately smitten only to be warned to stay away. He doesn’t. And she can’t resist. But she has secrets. He has secrets. And something lurks in the shadows. What will become of Birdie Boucher?

Read along in this tantalizing and page-turning, romance with enough secrets and elixirs to keep you speed reading to the next jaw dropping thing this family is capable of. A thrill-seeking journey of love against all odds, that starts from page one and never lets up.


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About the Author

Smokey Moment is an avid reader and accomplished professional who decided to put her story telling abilities between pages for the world to enjoy. She writes urban fiction, romance, paranormal romance and urban romance novels. Smokey Moment burst onto the scene in 2018 and hasn't stopped writing since. She has written over twenty five novels and continues to create more stories. Fans of her writing style describe her stories as; "Powerful story lines that resonate with readers." Another reader wrote; "This authors books are hard to put down!"

When not writing the next tantalizing tale, this author can be found at home enjoying family time and relaxing with a cup of coffee at her computer. She attributes many of her stories to her extensive travels, where she was exposed to different cultures and interesting people whom inspired her. Follow this hard working and creative author to get notification of books as they are released. Visit her website and receive the monthly newsletter and enjoy perks such as sneak peeks, cliffhanger info drops, cover reveals, promotional offers and more! Only available to readers who are subscribed. Be the first to see! And be among one of the first to enjoy chapter releases before the book is published. For more information visit: or text SMOKEY to 66866 to join.


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