Sunday, October 10, 2021

This Week @ Monday Creek: Autumn

Walking to the barn this morning, a black walnut fell from its branch and conked me in the head. Nothing serious, just a distraction from what I was daydreaming about. I looked at the walnut tree loaded with nuts and decided it was the tree’s way of saying “Hello, Gina, good to see you today.” I rubbed my head, smiled at the tree, stepped on the black walnut, and kept walking. Black walnuts are super healthy, super tasty, but difficult to get out of the shell. We have thousands of them and I suppose I need to start picking them up before the squirrels get them. I will put the nuts in storage for winter and shell them when the snow blows.  

We’ve been busy at Monday Creek Publishing. So far this month, we have launched two books - The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Yerba Mate: The Culture, Ceremony & Curiosities of South America's Favorite Tea by Marcia Lewandowski and Max’s Great Big World (children’s literature by Rebecca Elkins, illustrated by Kelly Lincoln). Rebecca’s book is actually launching today and I hope you are able to attend her book event. We have had trouble getting books from our printer. There is a delay in the printing process due to lack of supplies and labor. This puts us in a bad spot when we are trying to schedule book events. The wait time is almost triple to what it was before the pandemic. If you are waiting for one of our titles, we appreciate your patience.

D&R Studio – Dave Norris and Ron Mash –  came over last weekend and shot videos of three of our authors; Kathy Elasky, Carolyn Bailey Lewis, and Larry A. Horn, Sr.  A super fun morning! Kathy is working on a new book Pudgy the Brave: How Pudgy Got His Name, a sequel to Pudgy Possum and the Porcupine; Carolyn’s new book Love and Loss: The Storied Nature of Nursing Home Care will launch at the Monday Creek Book Festival, November 13th, Stuart’s Opera House, Nelsonville, Ohio; Larry’s new book Haydenville: The Company Owned Ohio Town that Outlived the Company is available on Larry will be signing copies locally at the Nelsonville Public Library, Friday, October 22nd, 5 PM.

Another cool video we just received from author Tamara Martin is of Ernest John, illustrator of her book Bluebird: Dog of the Navajo Nation (children’s literature). Besides an artist, Ernest is a professional horse trainer and horseman. See his video here. Subscribe to see all of our videos on our YouTube Channel.

Other than that, not much else is new. Zubie, my mare, has been lame for a few weeks. The veterinarian ruled out anything major and suggested shoes on her front feet as she has flat feet and does better with shoes. When she is too short in the hoof, she puts extra strain on her shoulders, which makes her gimpy. I called her massage therapist, Taryn @ Yarnell Equine Massage (highly recommended) for a treatment and it has made the world of difference in Zubie’s demeanor. Zubie is on Previcox while she works her way through being sore.

Zubie and Tinker @ Monday Creek

Our pumpkin and gourd harvest was good this year. The secret is horse manure and creek loam. We had a nice crop and have been giving pumpkins away to visitors. We purchased the mums from local Nelsonville Madison Street Produce. They are healthy and gorgeous!

Stay tuned for further updates as we move further into autumn. Follow us on insta for photos and events. See all of our social media links at


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