Saturday, October 2, 2021

Still Wish I Had a Pony by Sandra Russell

Still Wish I Had a Pony
by Sandra Russell

I woke up today regretting my very dear wish as a child; to get my own pony. Every birthday, and every Christmas when anyone would ask; 'What do you want Santa to bring?" or "What would you like for your birthday?" The answer was always the same- "A PONY!" Especially a dapple grey one with a flaxen mane and tail that is so fluffy the tail touches the ground, and the mane hangs on both sides of its neck, and I could wind pink roses in it, or mount a bundle of ostrich feathers at the top of her harness, just between the ears; lavender, and apricot, turquoise and white! (All of my favorite colors) I would not be able to choose. We would go into town and sell blackberries I picked, everyone would see how great she was and buy all the blackberries. I'd come home rich and proud, and we would sit on the hill under the apple trees and watch the clouds turn from angels to elephants. Then of course at evening, she would go to her stall in the shed, and eat field corn and oats, and hay. Maybe one of the collies would stay as 'nightwatchman' and guard over her pony dreams? The next day we might learn some tricks, like how to drive/pull a cart, or count to four with your hoof? I'm sure whatever we did would be an adventure. Yes, I woke up regretting my pony dream stayed only a dream. But maybe it's not too late? It's something for me to think about. I can still see it coming true.

About the Author: Sandra Russell was born in rural Athens County, at mid-century modern time in a pre-Civil War farmhouse near Hebardsville, Ohio.  Sandra's interests include art history, studio arts, animals both wild and domestic, and baking. She can sometimes be found on the stage performing in local community theater productions, or behind the scenes creating props or designing sets. Sandy's recent DNA results have increased her interest in learning more about Scotland.  

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