Saturday, February 8, 2020

The Writer's Bulletin: Creative Writing Glossary

The love for creative writing, I believe, begins in school – elementary, middle, or high school. Depending upon your teacher, you will fall in love with writing. Of course, writing isn’t for everyone, it is a personal niche. But, if you do love writing, the right teacher can plant the seed that will grow and bloom.

I have this very map (see above) of Narnia hanging on my bedroom wall. The entire map shows all of Narnia – the wardrobe, lamppost, Aslan’s Country, the Fords of Beruna, etc. If you have not read the Chronicles of Narnia, it is recommended reading (for all ages). And, like always, the book(s) are always better than the movie(s).

But, I digress. I began this post about creative writing (which reminded me of whimsical ideas, far-away story-lines, and my favorite series – Narnia). Recently, I received an email from a teacher. Her students are fans of The Writer’s Bulletin. One of the students suggested I share the Creative Writing Glossary found at Crossword Solver.

The Creative Writing Glossary provides a list of terms often used by publishers, writers, editors, and illustrators. The Glossary begins…

Writing is as simple as putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard), right? Not always. When you're creating a short story or novel, it's important to think about who your protagonist is and why they're doing what they do. It's important to make sure that each word you use does what you want it to do. And it's extra-important to make sure that the climax is placed right where it belongs. When you're working with an editor, you may have to know these terms and more: They won't just be correcting your grammar but giving you feedback using words like "epilogue," "hook," and "narrator." You may need a glossary like this one to bring your story to the next level!

Read through all of the terms here! Explore all of Crossword Solver writer’s resources!

Speaking of crosswords, they are good tools to build vocabulary. I enjoy working the daily crossword in my local newspaper. I set the timer to see how quickly (or how slowly) I can solve the puzzle.

Special thanks to the MPL Young Writer’s Club for sharing!

Keep writing!

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