Tuesday, February 4, 2020

The Writer's Bulletin: Book Festivals II

Book Festivals I highlighted a few of my favorite festivals. There are so many and every author must choose wisely. Of course, in Ohio, the premier Book Festival is the Ohioana. Every Ohio author can apply to attend. I attended several years ago and the event was held at the main Library Annex in Columbus. After the event, all of the authors were invited to the Governor’s Mansion for cocktails in the garden (it was fabulous!). Now, with the increased size of the event, Ohioana is held at the Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Main Library.

Throughout the year, authors can choose many other venues to showcase their book(s). Besides the list I shared before, here is a list of additional festivals that may be of interest to you…

Find more events at BookReporter.com. Look for events/festivals in your niche as well. Before you attend a book festival/event, send a Press Release to your local newspaper to announce your attendance. Most local newspapers will run the Press Release for “free” under their Community Events section.

Enjoy the journey!

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