Friday, January 4, 2019

Say It When You Mean It by Raman K. Attri

Author Raman K. Attri
Presents New Poetry
Say It When You Mean It
Poetic Expressions by A Non-Poet

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This book is a collection of very simple expressions written and presented in the form of the poetic verses. This collection of 27 poems included in this book is basically a spin-off of greeting cards written by the author for some of the special people in his life. These poems were originally drafted between the year 1990 to 2004 which represented phases in author’s life which every normal boy would go through in his twenties towards adulthood. The work presented in this book, by no means, is claimed to be of poetical or literary standard. It is just an attempt to tell the world that a simple expression or thought if you mean to say it with all your heart, can and will become a piece of poetic expression.

The poems in the book are presented in five sections: “The Sight” section include the poetic work to express what it may feel like when one sees the most special person for the first time. That’s the beginning, though not all first sights transient into love.  The next section “The Love” includes the poems expressing the transformation one may feel during the love. “The Promise” section presents the expressions that signify the promises we tend to make when we are in love. “The Memories” section is meant for those poetic expressions which express how one may feel while away from his/her beloved ones. “The Adieu” section is an inevitability that occurs in any relationship and is expressed through some poems in this section. “The Cycle” represents those poetic expressions that life does not stop at one place or one person. The cycle starts again, but it does leave some lessons. “The Lessons” section includes some general poetic verses written at a spur of the moment.

I’ll Hold You

I’ll hold you
Until the end;
When worried,
I’ll cheer you up.
When wrong,
I’ll mold you.
When lost,
I’ll find you.
I’ll be there for you
and care enough for you.
I’ll never let you part,
for you’re always in my heart.
I wish
I could be there for you
when you need me.
I’ll hold you
Until the end



Raman K Attri is a corporate business researcher, learning strategist, and management consultant with a strong zeal to enable people to unravel human learning and performance. His international professional career spanned over 25 years across a range of disciplines such as scientific research, systems engineering, management consulting, training operations, academic & professional teaching, and learning design. He specializes in providing the competitive and strategic value to the organizations by accelerating time-to-proficiency of employees through well-researched models. He holds a doctorate in business from Southern Cross University, Australia. He provides advisory on accelerated learning techniques which earned him over 60 educational credentials including doctorate degrees, three masters' degrees and tens of international certifications. Despite an unfortunate permanent physical disability since childhood, he leveraged it to learn, research and test a range of "how to methods" to accelerate the rate of personal learning and professional performance at the workplace. He has published his methods in scholarly journals, blogs, and books and presented at leading international conferences. He also runs a non-profit consulting forum focused on researching and publishing strategies to accelerate speed to proficiency.

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