Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Blithe of Prospect: Perception Planner by Cedes Truth

Are you ready for personal transformation?
Author Cedes Truth
Presents A Planner to Enhance Your Life
Blithe of Prospect
Perception Planner

Do you wish to get in sync with who you really are? Are you ready for personal transformation? Cedes Truth has made plain her secrets to "living the vision in your heart" in this beautifully illustrated personal perception planner called, "Blithe of Prospect." Cedes has broken down the principles and practices to break through the shackles we use to bind and limit ourselves like never before. This perception planner will support you in becoming the highest expression of yourself and achieving your definite purpose by organizing your positive proclamations and keeping in tune with the frequencies of your desires. Use this planner to practice becoming the best version of yourself by proactively and intentionally transforming your perspective and allowing the laws of the universe to make your desires become reality.

Definition of Blithe of Prospect:
An untroubled and happy mental picture of your future and future self that is not governed by that which is considered realistic, likely, or reasonable.

Blithe of Prospect looks like a great self-help book. What type of reader did you write the book for?
I designed the perception planner for anyone that is on the vibrational frequency to receive it. We are vibrational in nature and if the book comes in your path and you resonate with the concept it will serve its purpose in your life.

What do you think makes a great self-help book?  
A great self-help book encourages you to use the faculties of your mind to focus and declare triumph in your life regardless of the circumstances. It helps you to actively be involved in the process of designing the greatest version of yourself and serves as a tool that you can always relate to and change based on your personal experiences or becoming— a book that keeps on giving.

What inspired you when writing Blithe of Prospect?
My mother introduced me to my blithe of prospect at a young age. She placed the seeds of happiness in my hand and encouraged me to plant it in my imagination. She believed and trusted in my capabilities to transform and design the world I preferred to live in. My mother is my inspiration, and when I created this book, I thought of all the moments that she told me to keep my blithe of prospect intact.

What are your ambitions for your writing career?  Full time?  Part time?
Right now it is part time. Throughout my studies and experiences I discovered there is universal power in being happy and beaming a light on your personal preferences.  I Intend on designing creative beautiful books that will inspire others to live their truth and be happy.

When writing Blithe of Prospect did anything stand out as particularly challenging?  
Blithe of Prospect is a system that I have used throughout my life to manifest the desires of my heart. It only took two months to create from start to finish using he mastermind principle by Napoleon Hill. The book vibrationally already existed, I just needed to focus and put the pieces together. The process flowed smoothly with very little challenges.

What do you like to do when not writing?   
I love to go out with my family. We milk happiness every chance we get.

How can readers discover more about you and your work? 
Milk happiness with me on my community site that allows you to release your happy thoughts into the universe.  When we beam a light on the simple happy moments of our life we transform and become our highest expression, living the vision in our heart. Thank you Milkhappiness.com

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