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Milliron Monday: Cats 1 7 2019

"Hairball" Photo by Joy Miller-Upton
Abbott "Pete" Smith, D.V.M.
June 16, 1938 - February 22, 2010

Welcome to Milliron Monday where every Monday we celebrate the legacy of Pete Smith, D.V.M., and  Milliron: Abbott “Pete” Smith, D.V.M. The Biography (Monday Creek Publishing 2017). A graduate of Colorado State University and a well-known veterinarian in Ohio, Dr. Smith continues to motivate and inspire. 

Cats! Some people love them, some people don't. A few people I know are allergic to cats. I don't know a veterinarian who doesn't have a cat - or two, or three. Personally, I love cats. I have four cats living in the barn; Tinker, Sophie, Jesse, and Fluffy. Jesse and Fluffy are feral kittens, dodging in and out of the horse stables, running around horse hooves, unafraid of being stomped. 

Today, down my country road, I saw a clowder (a group) of cats. There were about a dozen cats in this clowder, most likely inbred and feral. As much as I love cats, I believe that they need to be spayed and neutered. In my experience, a spayed/neutered cat makes a better companion and can live longer because they don't roam from the safety of the barn. My cats, like all outdoor cats, are prey for many predators. The largest predators in my area are birds - peregrine, hawks, vultures, etc., and, of course, coyotes.

Protect your cats and be a responsible pet owner by getting your cat(s) spayed/neutered. Find a clinic in your area that offers quality veterinary care. Check out these reasons to spay/neuter your cat... 

Dr. Smith and his family had many cats during his lifetime. Milliron Clinic saw a lot of cats, including Hairball (above) - the cat that sat on the clinic's counter and welcomed clients. I'll write more about Hairball and Dr. Smith's pets in upcoming posts. 

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