Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Closing the Educational Gap with Rocketship Education Charter Schools

Closing the Educational Gap with 
Rocketship Education Charter Schools

There has been a question in the education center on ways to narrow the widening educational gap. The gap is significant especially for low-income communities that in turn widens the achievement gap between them and those well-endowed financially. In a bid to address achievement gaps between students, Rocketship Education traces reason to family incomes and nearness to stellar schools.

The parent-teacher relationship is treasured at Rocketship Education as it provides shared awareness between the two about the maximum student potential. Teachers and instructors teach keeping in mind the bonds between a parent and a student. Parents and teaching professionals share vital information on child’s experience in the classroom. For students experiencing social or academic difficulties, Rocketship notifies the parent, and together they find a student-tailored solution. To this end, teachers and leaders at Rocketship schools visit students’ homes at the start of each year which enables them to understand environmental and family situation, shaping student's classroom performance.

Family stability is a vital factor in bringing in parent-experience which contributes much to students’ success by allowing a fulfilling academic experience. Rocketship Education involves communities and parents in the naming of local schools and to develop their enrichment programs in critical thinking, teamwork, art, and music.

They feel that, with globalization, communities understand better issues affecting them hence they only can forge the right solutions. Rocketship value collaborative networks of students, teachers, and parents. Their aim is to create engaged families that can go through community complexities and challenges, showcasing the need for such efforts as well as attention to classroom material.

Parents are being kept aware of the syllabus and projects to integrate learning even at home where the child continues being educated. Parents at Rocketship meet and share strategies and ideas on how to get the best out of their children. They believe that each child has potential and that is why they intentionally place their schools in disadvantaged low-economic locations. Their efforts have resulted in Rocketship students’ performing better than other students in wealthy schools and districts in ELA and Math testing.

In bridging the educational gap, Rocketship Education works by engaging homes and neighborhoods in their students learning environments and come up with curricula that address community challenges and opportunities. With time, the economic difference in education will be narrowed down when the effects of strong educational communities empower families and neighborhoods.

Rocketship played an essential role in helping San Jose residents when Coyote Creek broke its banks flooding the surrounding areas. Rocketship raised $62,000 to assist 30 Rocketship affected families from nine of their Bay Area Schools with furniture, clothing, food and other household appliances.

Rocketship Education is a nationwide nonprofit public charter schools network that helps low-economic communities. It was founded in 2006 by John Danner and Preston Smith in Redwood City, California. Their education model in teacher-led and personalized learning is technology-assisted and specializes in critical studies (i.e., STEM: sciences, technology, engineering, and math) as well as humanities. They operate over 20 schools in 3 states and Washington, D.C.

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