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Are we becoming a world without bookshelves?

Books are the carriers of civilization.

Without books, history is silent, literature dumb, science crippled, thought and speculation at a standstill.

Without books, the development of civilization would have been impossible. 

They are engines of change, windows on the world, and lighthouses erected in the sea of time.

They are companions, teachers, magicians, bankers of the treasure of the mind. Books are humanity in print.

Are we really becoming a world without bookshelves?

Well the answer is - yes, we are!

In this modern era of electrical devices and gadgets, the world does not have a place for bookshelves because we have eliminated the objects that go on them. 

Even if there exists a bookshelf; in 1 out of 10 houses but there are no books on them so let’s call it just a shelf, it doesn’t fit the requirements of being a bookshelf.

In the past, reading books was considered to be the best hobby as books were supposed to be your best friends.

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But now we have made gadgets just like our oxygen, we are not able to survive without them even for a day. We humans have become so lazy and machine dependent that we want everything in the virtual form.

A growing number of individuals don’t have books. After all, who wants those heavy, clunky volumes when you can store an endless library on a gadget that weighs not more than a single paperback?

We can’t say that people have totally stopped reading because e-books have now replaced the printed books and obviously e-books do not need a bookshelf.
But, there do exist some people who are still interested in the printed books. 

Well, if you do not like going to the bookstores in a market and spending time there searching for the perfect book and come back tired. Then the only solution to your problem is definitely the e-books. Even if you are not a regular reader, you should now start reading books whether in printed form or e-books.

“E-books are fun to read everywhere.”

Most of the teenagers today would love reading books on their tablets, iPad, etc. So, there exist online book stores for them where they can spend time searching for their favorite books and purchasing them in seconds by just a few clicks.

After all, that’s what they love to do, right? These online book stores sell all genres of books and also provide the book lovers with the benefit of typing the name of their favorite book in the search bar, just press enter and the book is displayed on the screen.Who wouldn’t love doing things the easy way?

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Also, the online bookstore will provide you the easiest way to check for the popular books, best-selling novels, best new books, best authors, etc. all on one page as they categorize them into different tabs. Whether you are a romantic book lover, science fiction lover or you have germs of a detective you can find the best books just by clicking on the tab. You may click on the best science fiction book tab or best romantic book and buy what the world loved.
Those who read books are lucky. You might be thinking why lucky? Well the answer is because they gain many benefits from reading books. Let’s take a look on a few:

Reading reduces stress as when we are reading we are still and in a comfortable manner and a relaxed mood. We imagine ourselves in a world that the words of the book describe therefore we cannot think of any other tasks or worries. So, reading reduces stress.

Reading helps us build a better vocabulary. The studies have proved that those who read books have a richer vocabulary then those who do not. And what can be better to know the words that can best describe your feelings?

Reading increases our knowledge as books are definitely the treasure chest of knowledge. The more knowledge you have, the wiser you become.

Reading stimulates imagination. Humans are limited to the extent to which their imagination is limited. When we read about unknown places and thing our mind automatically creates the imaginative images which strengthen the creativity of our mind.

Reading improves focus and concentration as we focus on the content of the book while reading and there are no other thoughts running in parallel. Learning requires concentration and reading books increase this ability and we learn new thing easily.

These were just a few benefits of reading books, there are a lot more.

“A world without books would be like a world without colors.”

So, if you are not a book reader, start buying e-books from ShowFlipper. You will surely get the best books and have a good experience here. And if you are a good writer you can write your books and sell them online to share knowledge. 

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