Thursday, March 22, 2018

Ruslan Khais Art Studio

About Ruslan Khais
I have been a full-time artist based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for more than 20 years. Professionally trained, I hold a four-year certificate from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art — America's oldest museum and art school. I have also spent three years working in-studio with renowned artist Osvaldo Romberg.

For the last ten years, I have worked predominantly in the genre of abstract landscape. Generally, my paintings skirt the boundary between representation and pure abstraction. In my work, color, form, gesture, and the physical characteristics of paint are all of great interest and importance. Almost all of my paintings have been inspired by the natural landscape, which means behind every abstraction is a particular place, time and specific atmospheric condition.

I often use the pallet knife as a tool of applying paint as it offers a certain amount of control over the process. Along with the technical reasons, I take significant pleasure in spreading, scraping, applying and reapplying, then molding and transforming this into a painting. Oil and cold encaustic over acrylic is a technique personally developed and, I believe, best suited to my artistic goals and temperament.

It is very difficult to create an abstract painting that is not an imitation of the often-glorified imagery of drips, pours, stains and other visual clichés. Instead, it requires developing a personal and individual painting style, which is a never-ending process.

Works on Paper
All figurative paintings were done at live-model drawing sessions and only high-quality art supplies and materials used.

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