Thursday, May 26, 2016



We take you on an artistic journey in this 50-page PDF jam packed with paintings, photography, sketches and descriptions. A great resource for students, artists, designers, photographers and fans! Learn more about our studio and the artwork created.  A great way to enjoy the art at a fantastic price.

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"Joe has created an interesting perspective of his work, showing fans a behind the scenes look at what inspires his art, and the steps to complete the work. His artwork is a mashup of street art, graphic design, impressionism and expressionism.  It's like heavy metal on a canvas" 

"This ebook shows the true Brooklyn Industry and history of NYC in its raw form.  Joe has embellished the architecture of the area with his own creative spin.  I found the eBook a great reference for my own work."

"I stopped by Joe's Open Studio in DUMBO on a Thursday and was impressed with his work. I suggested he create an ebook for his fans, and he did it! He is destined to become one of the greatest artists portraying urban history in such an expressive graphic manner."
If you are an artist, photographer or designer we will feature 2 of your images on our highly popular instagram account @showcasingart with each purchase of the eBook.  Send your 2 images and receipt to 

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