Monday, May 16, 2016

Unique Tourist Guide of Croatia by Sanja Ignjatić

Unique Tourist Guide of Croatia by Sanja Ignjatić
"A beautifully illustrated book of Croatia!"
Available in eBook here!

by Sanja Ignjatić

Croatia is a beautiful country located in Europe. Its beauty and attractions are shown in this unique guidebook narrated by several amazing dogs. They've been saved from the street and now they have joined their knowledge and decided to introduce you to their cities. They will guide you through twenty-one stories about 21 places in Croatia. Each story is accompanied by wonderful photographs showing the most attractive parts in certain cities and regions. Also every city has its own illustrated map on which the sights mentioned in the text are marked.

The expression of these brilliant dogs is unique, so the text is written in verse and in rhymes. Apart from the Croatian wonders, they will introduce you to their lives, their dreams and their hopes. By buying this book/guide you will send help to every organization for protecting animals that is named at the end. These organizations make our world a better and happier place, so let's help them out. Enjoy!

My name is Sanja Ignjatić and I'm coming from one beautiful country Croatia located in Europe. I am a Geologist with a Master's degree.  Also nature and animal lover and I enjoy coming up with innovative ideas. I love to spend the time in nature, travel, hiking and similar.

After several years of working in my profession I decided to start realize my ideas and thoughts. I have started to design products and various publications that put focus on topics like culture and historical heritage, importance of nature and ecology, animal care, and through which we can also learn something. I would like to contribute in an increased interest in topics and contents for which I think that are very important for all of us.

This book/guide is my first book and apart from Croatian sights I wanted to pay attention to stray dogs around the world. We all can help and I always think how a little is enough to help to whole world. Because if we all join together, then little by little and we will achieve a miracle.
That is something in what I believe and I hope that through my work my dreams will come true J!

My Review
Unique Tourist Guide of Croatia is a beautifully written and illustrated guide of Croatia! Experience Croatia through the eyes of 22 gorgeous canines. With lovely illustrations, photographs, and maps, journey with a different dog to a designated Croatian city. Perfect poetry is engaging and entertaining, as you find yourself captivated by the majestic beauty of Croatia! Be inspired by the tourist guides (dogs) as you travel through medieval cities, fortresses, and much more!

Sanja Ignjatić brings a creative tourist/reference guide of Croatia that will become a family favorite. Whether you are traveling to Croatia, or just want to know more about it's culture and heritage, this book is for you!

I look forward to Ignjatić 's next book! Where will the dogs take us next? Recommended reading for everyone.

Unique Tourist Guide of Croatia by Sanja Ignjatić
"A beautifully illustrated book of Croatia!" 
Available in eBook here!

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