Thursday, May 7, 2015

Egyptian Horses

Egyptian Horses
Guest Post by Joe Migalla

The sun rises behind the east bank mountains and slides sunshine all over ancient Egyptian temples to reveal one of its powerful secrets that made Egypt once one of the most paramount empires. Meet the legendary creatures that made a print all over history; The horse. 

Horses entered Egypt at the end of the Middle Kingdom, about 1780 BC. The arrival of the horse has been associated with groups entering the desert known to the ancient Egyptians as the Hyksos (the rulers of deserts). Soon Egyptians loved horses and began to acquire the best breeds of the Arabian Peninsula. The most beautiful gifts that came to the Pharaoh of Egypt include the horse.

The ancient Egyptians started using horses in war by chariot, which is a type of carriage using horses to provide rapid motive power. The Pharaohs used their excellence in the field of horses to fight wars and battles, as well as their attention in the royal stables to take good care of horses. They decorated saddles with gold and silver, just like the royal golden chariot of the young king Tutankhamen, as discovered in his tomb. Egyptian temples were covered with graffiti to show the importance of horses; loved by kings and nobles.

Luxor was one of the cities in Egypt that preserved the heritage of horses and chariots, but now only for picnics. You can see the ancient city through the people and their passion of horses, giving all the care horses need. It is one of the reasons that Egypt's horse breeds are one of the best all over the world - because its people made sure of it and that comes from their passion. 

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