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C.C. Spivey, Author

Residing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA, C.C. Spivey loves to write. She is the author of Reborn, a horror fiction novel about immortality and vampires…

Welcome C.C.!

Gina:  Vampires.  They are everywhere!  Your title is intriguing and you cover art is enticing…
C.C.:  Thank you Gina.  When I first thought about writing a novel, I knew that I wanted to focus on horror, and what could be more horrifying than vampires?  I know that vampires have been done to death (no pun intended).  So I decided to put a whole new spin on a very old tale.  As far as the title goes, I actually wrote the entire novel based solely upon the title “Reborn.” For some odd reason, the title Reborn spoke to me and inspired me to write this novel.

I collaborated with my illustrator Patti Hultstrand in creating the cover art.  I really wanted the cover of Reborn to stand out amongst all of the other books on the bookshelves, and with Patti’s skill and talent, I think we succeeded.

Gina:  What can we derive from you new book?
C.C.:  Reborn has been described to me by a lot of my readers as an emotional rollercoaster ride.  I wanted my readers to feel what my characters were feeling, when reading this novel.  Reborn will make you laugh, cry, mad, happy, scared and angry all rolled up unto one horrifying novel.  I wanted to write a true page turner.  With every page written, I want my readers to want to know, ‘What happens next?”  And I actually had one of my readers write me and tell me that if it weren’t for the fact that she had to go to work, she would have read the entire 465 page novel in a day, because she could not put the book down.   That letter made me smile, and I thought to myself, ‘mission accomplished.’

Gina:  I am a Bram Stoker fan.  Who is you favorite vampire author?  
C.C.:  Of course, Bram Stoker is the Godfather of vampire novels, and is high upon my list, but Anne Rice is my absolute all-time favorite vampire author.  Bram Stoker brought the vampire to the forefront and showed us how scary blood drinkers could be, but Anne Rice showed me that they can be beautiful as well.  As a matter of fact, ‘Interview with a Vampire’ was one of the first vampire novels I had ever read, and after that, I was hooked.  I just had to read every book she had ever written…and I did.  I love Anne Rice.  Reading her novels showed me how a reader can be pulled into the story that they are reading, and she opened up a whole new world for me.

Gina:  And your favorite vampire movie/script?
C.C.:  I love them all.  Well. Maybe not all of them, but most. 
Interview with a Vampire’ is probably number one at the top of my list.  I love the story, the beauty and the scenery that it brings to big screen.  But I also loved the movie ‘Underworld’ because of the gore!  I mean really, what is a vampire movie without blood, gore and guts?  After all, I am a horror writer, and you can’t write a vampire horror novel without getting your hands a little bloody. (J/K)

Gina:  Do you bring your own life experiences into your storyline?
C.C.: I would love to say ‘Yes’. I would love to say that I have been “Reborn” into a life of immortality by a tall, dark and handsome vampire, but sadly, I cannot.  My novel Reborn is strictly fiction.  Made up by me asking myself one simple question.  “What if vampires actually originated from the deep, dark jungles of Africa many, many centuries ago?”  And my novel Reborn is the answer to that question.

Gina:  Does your environment and where you live have an impact on your writing?
C.C.:  Where I live, we suffer through long cold winters, which is fine with me because it gives me time to write, and I mostly write at night.  That usually sets the mood for me.  I like it nice and quiet, with dim lighting.  It helps me to concentrate on my work.  I am sometimes amazed at the thoughts that come into my head when it’s late at night and the rest of the world is sleeping.  That is when my sick twisted mind comes alive and my writing is at its best.

Gina:  How do you maintain thoughts and ideas?
C.C.:  I am constantly writing, even if it’s only in my head.  Whether it’s a particular scene or chapter, or if I have an idea that I would like to use for a new or existing character, in my mind, I am always writing.  So, I always, no matter where I am, or what I am doing, I keep a pen and notebook in my backpack or next to my bed, so that I can write down any and everything that comes to mind.  So even when I am not writing…I’m writing.

Gina:  Describe your writing/editing routine…
C.C.:  First, I handwrite all of my thoughts in a hard cover notebook.  I have never just sat behind a computer or laptop and just wrote.  I enjoy the feel of the pen glide across the paper.  It gives me a sense of freedom as my thoughts pour out on paper.  (Besides, I write faster then I type.)  And after I have poured out all of my blood, sweat and tears on paper, I type it all in on my laptop.  That is when I fine tune my work and make any changes that need to be made.  When that is complete I send my finished manuscript to my editor, Tiffany Williams, and she makes sure that all of my T’s are crossed and my I’s are dotted.  We go through the entire manuscript together, and when we have made sure that everything is as it should be, we send the completed project to my publisher Dianne Helm of Helm Publishing, for her approval.  And that is how “Reborn” was born.

Gina:  What are you currently writing?
C.C.:  I am currently working on the second book to my Reborn trilogy entitled “Rebirth” (working title.) It follows the life of the vampire child, Davion as he searches for his mate and tries to find his way on his own, without the help of his father Tytarion. Davion is a whole new breed of vampire that lives by his own rules. (Evil grin)

Gina:  What are you currently reading?
C.C.:  “The Influence” by author Bentley Little, was the last book I read.  Whenever I get a bout of writer’s block, I just pick up a Bentley Little or Stephen King novel and curl up on the sofa and read until the novel is complete.  They always get my juices flowing again.  But I’ve been so busy working on my 2nd novel “Rebirth” that I haven’t really had the chance to sit down and relax with a good book.

Gina:  Do you have advice for novice writers?
C.C.:  Yes, I do.  If you love to write, then try to find time every day to write.  There is nothing more inviting to a true writer than putting a pen to paper or hearing the clicking sound of fingers tapping away at a keyboard.  So, if it is your passion to write, then write, and if people ask you what you do for a living?  Tell them…”I am a writer.”

Gina:  Do you believe vampires exist?
C.C.:  I believe that some people believe that vampires really do exist.  And as long as there are people out there that believe in, and love vampires, I will continue to write about them.  (Smile)

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