Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Vickie Ball-Seiter, Journey with Horses Professional Life Coach

From Ohio, USA, Vickie Ball-Seiter has spent years living abroad. Global travel has inspired her to incorporate the most appealing (and healing) aspects of her cultural experiences to create a satisfying life and business as a professional life coach. Vickie is the proprietor of Journey with Horses, a coaching facility where Vickie leads her clients through a simple and transformational process alongside a 1000 lb. horse!   

Although Vickie may come across as a bundle of joy and gentleness she has a can-do attitude and philosophy that is unstoppable! In her own words she is a stand for people making creative, conscious choices for the expression of the authentic self.

Vickie’s primary focus is on providing coaching support for those Givers who Care. Individuals, teams and groups whose job it is to care for the health and well-being of others who are not able (or barely able) to care for themselves. She believes there can be balance without burn-out for our most self-sacrificing population.

Welcome Vickie!

What is Journey with Horses?
I am an equine assisted coach.  I have experienced a journey with horses and wish to share my empowering experience.  Coaching is co-creating a relationship.  As an added layer I can partner with horses to expand sacred space for people to explore their attitudes, passions, desired, emotions, etc.

What can I expect from a discovery session?
Discover strengths about yourself!!  Discover the world within you.

You are intriguing and I wonder about your Reiki methods. How do you impart/intertwine Reiki? 
Pronounced ray key…
Rei=”God’s wisdom or the Higher Power” and ki=life force energy.
Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy healing.  Everyone can be a healer; one only needs to learn to access it.  A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance flowing through and around you. 

What inspires you the most about horses?
They are huge, gentle sentient beings.  They are in the moment and don’t hold on to anything.  Every day is a new day.  My forte is non-verbal communication-a perfect match.

When was your first encounter with a horse?
Three and a half years ago.  A neighbor rode by on one of her horses and I stopped her and said, “I need horse time.” I had NO clue what that meant.  Several days later I met her at her barn.  She asked me which horse I would like to ride.  I didn’t know, and one of the horses started moving his head back and forth.  Bo picked me.  When I’m riding Bo he does more for me than his owner.  It is a match made in heaven.  We are both leaders and curious.

Do you have a horse anecdote to share?  
I was in the pasture with Bo, Rocky and Comet.  I brought brushes so the horses could choose to be groomed or not.  Bo LOVES to be groomed.  There was a huge snapping turtle about 15’ from us.  I suddenly noticed Bo had moved be to within 5’ of the turtle.  Bo and I both turned our attention to said turtle (standing side by side).  It had a huge clump of dirt on its shell so I was going use a big stick to attempt removal.  Well, when the turtle snapped at me, both Bo and I jumped backward at the same time.  We looked at each other and (I swear) laughed.  I moved Bo a little further away from the turtle and finished grooming him.

I was given a horse because he couldn’t be caught.  I did not know that, so when I went into his paddock he walked right up to me!  The owner said, “If you can work with him, you can have him.”  

I do many things with horses that horse people say, “You can’t do that with a horse.” What block do you impose upon yourself??  I do things with horses because no one told me I couldn’t.

What horses do you stable?  
We have a Paso Fino and two minis.  We are planning on a pasture track as soon as we move.  Please let me know if you want to hear more.  As soon as we sell our current home we are moving to Chesterhill, Ohio.  The house has a barn and pasture.  We need to put up a fence. We have done a lot of planning.

Do you have a favorite breed?  
I am not breed specific.  I love them ALL!!

What training methods do you prefer?  
If you get a chance read Mark Rashid’s book HorsesNever Lie, it is wonderful. Rashid shares about allowing horses to make choices.  I believe horses want to be safe and please.  Spend time with them and figure out their language.  Figure out how they react to you and your communication.  It is a relationship between two sentient beings.  Horses are amazing communicators!!

As a world traveler, where in the world do you like to land, ride and reverence life?  
I want to ride my friends horse Bo in a parade because we love to be together and show off.  I would also like to swim with him.  I love water and have seen others swimming with horses and dream about it.  I can see myself sharing horses with Europeans.  I am looking for any open-minded people who are curious about experiences with horses.

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