Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Life Without Stirrups by Dagny Mofid

Life Without Stirrups
A Witty Memoir About One Person’s Gallop Through Life

By Dagny Mofid

Thanks Dagny for connecting! I enjoyed reading your new book and look forward to your future releases! 

Dagny writes a heart-felt journey of horses. She reiterates, as thousands before her, that a horse lover will go to great lengths to be able to follow their passion – horses. In her well-written account of genuine horse-love, she lets you know that life is better with stirrups than without. Through hurricanes, midlife boredom, ice storms, and so much more, Dagny will keep you intrigued and motivated through each chapter. Recommended reading for everyone – not just horse lovers. Everyone will appreciate her journey, her passion and complete love for life. 

Congratulations, Dagny, on a wonderful recount of your life with horses. 

About the Author

Dagny Mofid is not internationally acclaimed - although having practiced acceptance speeches in front of a mirror for years, she can be ready at a moment’s notice. In her spare time, but only after doing the dishes and folding clothes, she writes. Known for lighthearted humor and sarcastic wit, her writing has appeared in newspapers and journals. She has also ghostwritten a riding instruction manual. After roaming around much of North America, she now lives with her childhood sweetheart in the warm desert of southern Utah. She is still wondering how she got there.

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