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A.V. Wedhorn, Author

Author A.V. Wedhorn is a creative writer. He is writing The Kingdom Chronicles trilogy; A King's Quest, A King's Task, and a third novel in process. He has an intriguing history, which I’ll let A.V. explain…

“I was born dirt poor, was kidnapped as a baby, so I started life out at a run. In my youth, I changed schools 24 times in twelve years. I am the oldest of three kids of a single mom who let the love of her life beat me every time he had a chance, until he died when I was sixteen. I discovered fantasy at an early age as a means to escape reality. At 19, I joined the Army and became a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne, Fort Bragg, North Carolina, USA and in Italy. While I was overseas I toured several other countries including Rome, Paris and Berlin, where I watched the fall of the Wall. I lost the manuscript to my first novel A King’s Quest five times while writing it; four times my fault and the fifth to a fire, but I persisted. I finally created The Kingdom Chronicles and brought to paper some of the thoughts in my head. Now, I am back in the Army, defending my country, having other adventures including a combat tour in Iraq.”

Welcome A.V.! Thank you for your service!

Has your enlistment played a role in your writing?  
I have actually enlisted in the military twice with a seventeen year gap between tines and the answer to your question is yes in some ways.  I was also an over the road truck and have been to 49 states.  The military and my constant traveling lifestyle have played a big part because I have seen so much of different cultures.  The military has given me a good eye for the battles and fighting which some say are my strong points.  It has also helped me in giving my writing a direct, sometimes in-your-face approach.

What is the premise for A King's Quest?
A King's Quest is set on the world of Tyrus where the Elvynn were the first race and the first to discover magic.  They were cold, cruel and heartless masters and ruled with an iron fist.  After the other races discovered magic, a great war was fought that almost destroyed Tyrus.  The gods stepped in and banished the Elvynn and put limits on magic for a period of two thousand years.  A King's Quest is set when the humans, other races and some Elvynn have been living in relative peace for almost a thousand years.  The story of the Elvynn banishment has faded into legend and has been forgotten by most except for knights and battlemages.  It is into this that Damien Daverge is thrown as a newly robed battlemage and an unknown heir to a throne where his parents were killed by deceptions put into place to crumble the 14 kingdoms and allow the Elvynn to return as masters.

Are your characters based upon your own life experiences?
Somewhat... in some ways.  I have met a lot if people in my life and yes I have taken several of the more colorful ones and put them into some of the jobs where I have know them.  My 8 years in the 82nd [Airborne] helped me see leaders in a professional environment. 

Who is your favorite character in A King's Quest?
That is a seriously hard question; I try hard to pour so much life into each character that I am not sure, but... I guess I would say Kendle Stonebreaker, my traveling dwarven ambassador.

How do you maintain thoughts and ideas? 
I keep lots and lots of notes and I reread them all the time so I don’t forget, and sometimes I still do.

Describe your writing/editing routine... 
Write, read, picture myself there, rewrite again, read it out and correct.

Who is your favorite author?
I have two, Robert Jordan because of his ability to paint pictures with words and his craftiness in hiding plots.  My second is Jim Butcher, just for the sheer delight of reading his work and his quirky hard hitting style.

What are you currently writing? 
I am supposed to be working on book 3 of the The Kingdom Chronicles but I have been sort of sidetracked by something else.  A side project called Dragon's Eye.

What are you currently reading? 
I am reading The Iron Druid series by Kevin Hearne.

Do you have advice for novice writers?
Write something.  Don't just say you like to write, actually sit down and do it.  If you write 1/2 a page for 2 years you will have a complete book.  And don't give up.  I had to restart A King’s Quest five times because I lost the manuscript in several unfortunate accidents.

List 10 things your fans may not know about you...
I love to talk.
I try every day to do something nice for someone.
I almost died and spent 3 weeks in a coma.
I love to swim and I am scuba certified but I am terrified of drowning.
I am both a cat and dog lover.
I started studying martial arts because I needed self discipline.
I still need self-discipline.
My first car was a 49 Chevy.
I love all kinds of pizza and could eat it every day
I wish I had time to just be lazy…lol.

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