Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Brian Stavig, Author

 Known as the ex-left hander, Author Brian Stavig connects with horses.  His first book, The Ex Left Hander was released in 2007 and is the autobiographical account of a young man who's trying to get on with life after sustaining a severe traumatic brain injury from a car wreck involving a drunk driver.  As a result of the accident, Brian is handicapped, but a driven biped. Brian says, “I could do better, but it's tough. I'm a work in progress, who will not quit- for to quit is to die. I would like to be considered an example for all the young people who each year are unfortunate enough to be in a car wreck involving alcohol. Many die, but many others survive, with a traumatic brain injury. My book can and should be read as an example of a young person's life after such a calamity.”

For 9 years Brian was employed as a horse exerciser, often referred to as the Horse Whisperer. Brian’s second book Euphany – Horse on the Track  has just released and will quickly become a favorite…

Welcome Brian!

What is the premise for your new book 'Euphany - Horse on the Track'? 
The book is the tale of Euphany’s racing career. She forced (OW! asked) me to write Her story because She couldn't use a pen, or a typewriter very well with her hoof.  If I edited Her story too much, She'd bite (OW!) me.

Why is Euphany called the cheeky filly? 
That is precisely why I call Her, ‘the cheeky filly.’

Describe Euphany's other attributes and characteristics... 
Euphany's most striking attribute - 'my speed, of course.' She is also dark bay, and snaps at everyone on race day (OW!) She doesn't want me to talk bad about her. (Listen, kid - stop biting me.)

How did you come up with the idea to write your book? 
Actually, I didn't come up with the idea.

I love your illustrations. Who is the illustrator?
Tasia Wickham. I will let her tell you: My name is Tasia. I am a senior at Fergus Falls High School! In my spare time I love doing all kinds of art projects. I was very honored to be picked for such an amazing book!  

Who is your niche market and what age group would enjoy your book? 
My niche market is all horse lovers. Kids, of course, understand me best!

When was your first encounter with a horse? 
This character Brian said his first encounter with one of my brethren horses was in 1970. He said that he even wrote a story about it The Dangers of Being a Kid in Barrett, Living on a Farm With a Horse. Of course, I don't believe a word of his story. After all, he is sort of a shifty character.

Do you have any horse anecdotes to share? 
He has many horse stories, like Trojan War, who liked to have his tongue pulled, or Cat Splendor, who needed company to calm her.

What about horses interests you the most?
There are endless reasons to love us horses. (OK Euphany- that's enough. (OW!)).

Will there be a sequel to your book?
Brian speaking again- I do have a sequel planned Mark French, the General, and Norman. Mark French is a thoroughbred, the General was a barn cat, and Norman was a goat.

What does horsemanship mean to you? 
Horsemanship- we have to be around to keep the horses heads from getting too big (OW!) Sheesh.

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