Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Binod Bastola

From India, Binod Bastola is a poet, writer, and photographer.  A few achievements in writing and notoriety for his photography, he is an artist who loves art from the heart.

Binod says, “I love writing and photography so deeply, and I am truly into it. I am an artist who doesn't greed for name and fame. My dream is to live life with my heart and follow my heart no matter what it is; live till the time you breathe your last breath without here and there of this world!”

Welcome Binod!

What is your style of poetry?
My style of poetry. I don’t really have a style. I write what I see, feel and observe. I write from universe whatever I can.

Please share a poem of your own creation....
The most recent poem I am sharing :

In this crowd
All rights and reserved
by Binod Bastola

Vessel of emptiness
Valor in life
Enchanting with ease
So easy to freeze when it is cold

Oh lonely heart
Emptiness is in my path of core
Crying in echo
Voice of tear
Dart after dart
Whore is in my heart
Oh please go (displeasure of what it is going on)

Love thee are
Thou are
O love

All rights and reserved
©Binod Bastola 12/17/14

In your opinion, does poetry influence society and culture?
Yes ...poetry has the power of words.

Where in the world is the best place to write poetry?
Anywhere, where you can be alone even in a crowd. If you feel the feeling to write, you can write like no one exists around you; once you drown in writing.

Do you keep a journal of thoughts and ideas for poems?
No. I write on the spot whatever I get in that moment I write. Seldom I do keep written thoughts.

Who is your favorite poet?
Shakespeare, because of his intricate quality and simple writing. I have few more too.

Please share a favorite poem ...

by Rabindranath Tagore

Forgive my languor, O Lord
  If I ever I lag behind
   Upon life's way.

Forgive my anguished heart
  Which trembles and hesitates
  in its service.

Forgive my fondness
  that lavishes its wealth
   upon an unprofitable past.

Forgive these faded flowers
   in my offering
  that wilt in the fierce heat
 of painting hours.

What are you currently reading and writing?
I am reading Universe. I mean I write and read the Universe. It has all emotions of life. What comes in my way I write.

Do you have advice for beginning poets?
Yes. Just write, write, and write - whatever comes in your thoughts. Don’t think here and there. Don’t even dare to think about judging your writing. No matter what others have to say. Just write, write, and write.

Try to feel, see whatever comes in your way and write. Try to be creative though it won't come all of sudden, slowly it will. And last, do not read to anyone; create your own way.

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