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Irene Stevenson, Equine Photographer

Irene Stevenson, Equine Photographer
Gallery Exhibition April 1, 2014
Originally from High Prairie, Alberta, Canada, Irene Stevenson began her career as a professional photographer in 2009. She started out in portrait photography but found it didn't fulfill her artistic vision as a photographer. So Irene began pointing her camera at the one thing she loves most: horses.

After doing so, it wasn’t long before she discovered the creativity in her vision of the horse and the ranch life of the west.  With a strong background in the ranching lifestyle, Irene is able to anticipate things in the field before they happen.  Capturing the grace and movement of her equine subjects, Irene strives for excellence in every image she creates.

Irene has had her work on the cover of a magazine, on display internationally, as well as within the province in which she is proud to be from and resides. 

Irene is based in Central Alberta, Canada, and continues to focus her photography on equine portraiture, western art, and lifestyle photography. She is married with two small children, one very large dog and her family’s horses.

Welcome Irene!

When was your first encounter with a horse?
My first encounter with a horse was at the age of 2. Ever since then I was hooked on horses.
Do you have a favorite photograph of your own creation?
My favorite equine photograph is of one of my own horses, Nicky...
Owner/Photograph by Irene Stevenson (c)
Where is your favorite place to take pictures?
My favorite place to photograph a horse is in his natural element - out in the pasture. Although I do enjoy creating and capturing images of horses out on the western range.
Do you prefer to photograph a certain breed over another?
I am not particular to certain breeds. I enjoy all horses - and it's their personalities or natural beauty that I strive to capture.
What is the key element in capturing the essence of a horse?
The key element for me in capturing the essence of the horse - is just watching them. Watching them move, learning about their personalities, watching them interact with other horses. I feel privileged to get to know them, to really capture them.
Where are you currently exhibiting?
I don't currently have any works on display, but in the last year I've had 5 different images blind juried into 3 different art shows. One was in Ohio for the Equine Jubilee for three months; the second was through the Alberta Society of Artists and had two separate gallery locations - each at different times - the first being in Calgary, and the second in Edmonton. And the third was through the Calgary Stampede's Western Showcase which ran for the duration of the Stampede itself.
Do you have advice for novice photographers?
The advice I offer to novice photographers is just keep working at your craft and don't stop learning. Always be open to new information. Be passionate about your art because that's what's going to make it truly yours. It'll take time, but celebrate each little win. And keep going for it even when you've done well. And market, market, market!
What/where are you currently creating/photographing?
My current creative project is still only in my mind. But in September I will get to make it real. I'm really very excited about it. It's a creative shoot with a trick horse and his very talented owner and trainer. Otherwise I am just creating things as they come or as I see them unfold in front of me.
What is the best way to schedule a photo shoot?
To contact me, you can visit my website at, by email at, or contacting via my facebook page at

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