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Fred Taylor, Founder Mojo Racing

Mojo Work: Cool Hand Butte breezed 5F
in a steady 1:03.6 and he galloped out in good order.
Mojo Racing Partners

From Texas, USA, Fred Taylor is the Founder, CEM, and President of Mojo Thoroughbred Holdings, LLC (aka Mojo Racing Partners), an international company that buys race horses and offers reasonably priced opportunities for people to co-own and participate in the exciting sport of thoroughbred racing.
In 2006 Fred began Mojo Racing Partners. He continues to maintain a quality environment for Mojo’s thoroughbreds, ensuring their success; providing only exceptional handlers, trainers, and jockeys.

Welcome Fred!
Where are your stables located?
FT: The business office is in Fort Worth, TX, and the horses are stabled with the trainer at the different tracks that we race. Currently, they are in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for the Remington Park race meet.

Describe Mojo’s horses…

Mojo currently has three two-year-olds: A bay colt named Cool Hand Butte, a dark bay colt named Luckbyjimminy, and a dark bay filly named Bling It On Baby. I'll be purchasing a Yearling in a couple of weeks at the Keeneland September Sale.

Mojo’s colors are intriguing. Why did you choose those specific colors?
FT: Thank you. I styled them based on a Bob Marley sweater.

How do you select a winning jockey?   
FT: The trainer selects the jockey. That's typically done based on the business relationship between the trainer and the jockey. (Jockeys are independent contractors.)

Which horse at Mojo’s stables do you favor?
FT: To me, they are all special. To be able to own racehorses and offer affordable participation opportunities to the people is a blessing that I have the utmost respect to be able to do. I appreciate them all, really, because each (past and present) have created wonderful memories that are unique for me, my partners, and our families.

How does Mojo Racing choose a winning horse?
FT: We acquire Mojo Bloodstock based on their pedigree, conformation, and the price we are willing to pay. The strategy is to buy the best pedigree/condition for the lowest cost.

Is there a limit to the shareholders for one horse?
FT: Yes. I typically offer up to 25 interests; but I'd offer more if there were a lot of people looking to put together a racing group of that size.

Where is your favorite track?
FT: I'm from Louisville, Kentucky, so Churchill Downs holds a special place in my heart. It's the place that inspired me to want to own racehorses. It's the home of the Kentucky Derby. It has such a storied racing tradition. I also think Keeneland is a wonderful racecourse. And, I have to say, Lone Star Park and Remington Park are also very nice facilities that I'm happy for the Mojo Runners to race on a regular basis.

Do you have an intriguing Mojo racing ‘moment’ to share?
FT: One of the best racing experiences we had recently was with a horse named Jackrabbit Fast. Every time we entered him in a race, we knew he was going to do well because he was instinctively competitive. Jackrabbit ran five races for us, and he won one race, finished 2nd three times, and came in fourth in a four-horse photo finish by less than a head at the wire. He was the quintessential race horse that anyone would be proud to have in their barn. Jackrabbit Fast makes me smile every time I think about him. (His photo is at the top of every page on the Mojo Website.)

How can I participate and how do I stay connected to my investment/horse?
FT: It's easy to participate. You just read the terms and conditions for becoming a partner; fill out the participation agreement; and send in your capital contribution (i.e., payment). All of this information can be found on the Mojo Racing Partners website:

How do I know that my investment/horse is given the best training and care?
FT: That's a service we promise to provide and it's one of the core principles of the Mojo Mission (which you can also read on the Mojo Site). And, to answer your second question about staying connected, I provide regular (weekly) updates to all Mojo Partners about the horse they are participating in, all Partners are welcome to go out to the barn/track to see their horse(s) train, talk to the trainer, and ask as many questions as they like. I have nothing to hide and I want my Partners to be the most informed owners out there.

What happens when you retire a racehorse?
FT: One of the philosophies that I have about owning racehorses is that Mojo won't have a racehorse that I can't find a good home for after their racing career ends. I'm fortunate to have very good connections and associates in the sport who help me find trustworthy, caring owners that will transition a Mojo racehorse into a productive/healthy second career. Mojo has owned 15 racehorses. Nine of the 15 have been claimed (bought by other owners while still in their racing career). The remaining six were retired by Mojo: Four have been converted to hunter/jumpers, one is a polo pony, and one participates in rodeo shows.

Connect with Fred…
Mojo Work: Cool Hand Butte
2013 Alarming Afleet, Race 10, Lone Star Park! (Post Time 9:00p CT)
Oldtimers Special (the average runner age is 7).
Big fireworks show after the race...

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