Saturday, August 16, 2014

Glen Bianchi, Spur & Bit Maker

Glen riding Shadow. 
Glen Bianchi is an expert in his field. World-renowned for creating custom-made spurs and bits, Glen was 13 years old when he began learning the art of metal fabrication in his father’s machine shop. That was 46 years ago. Glen has worked in a machine shop doing prototype and welding for 45 years. His vast experience, skilled workmanship and creativity, produces beautiful and unique designs.
In 2000, Glen became a student of Texas spur maker Walt Rambo. Glen learned the art of creating and designing handmade bits, spurs, buckles, and more.

Operating a small Hereford cattle ranch in S.E. Oklahoma, USA, Glen has a perfect view of his curly faced cows and his ranch horses while working in his shop. He has made over 677 pairs of custom spurs and 150 handmade bits. He also creates stunning jewelry, saddle conchs/cantle plates, and wedding rings.
Glen’s handmade, custom designs are innovative and refined.  He can create the bit or pair of spurs that you’ve always dreamed of …
Welcome Glen!     

Which design of spur do you wear?   

Glen wearing his favorite pair of spurs.
What type of measurement is required?
When ordering, the dimensions I need are the inside tracing of a spur that fits for best sizing, or second best boot size.

What type of metal do you use?
Most spurs are made from carbon steel and will rust, which the cowboys want. I do make some from Stainless steel.  Most overlays are nickel sliver which is much more durable than sterling silver.

I know there are different spur designs for different riding disciplines. What spur design is your most popular?
I would say my most popular spur lately is a short shank roping spur.  

I really like your cantle plates, too. How do they attach to my cantle?
The cantle plates attach to the cantle with screws or tacks, brass or stainless steel.

Can I find your spurs and bits at my local tack shop?
All my orders are custom and you will not see anything for sale in a tack shop. Customers just tell me what they want and I do a drawing for their approval.

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