Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nutritional Supplement

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Always looking for the ultimate in preventive horse care, I had the opportunity to connect with Sharon Roberts. Sharon is from Louisville, Kentucky, USA, the beating heart of the horse world. She represents Maximum Performance, a calcium supplement that has proven results. Through statistics, recommendations, testimonials, and the success of this product, I decided to give it a try at my stable and share with the equine world.

Sharon says….

Maximum Performance supplement is helping horses, dogs and people regain their mobility, maintain their bone density, preventing OCD's, contracted tendons, swollen joints and so much more.

It is an all natural Calcium Mineral plus formula that is bio-available 
the minute it hits the horse’s lips.  It has a digestive enzyme the allows
35% more food put to use.  It has organic Selenium, and Biotin, and Vitamins. Calcium is the real workhorse here.  

Ulcers are a big concern in 72% of all performance horses no matter the breed. This is due to high protein and low calcium in the feed. Maximum Performance eliminates ulcers, neutralizes acid and flushes it through the kidneys.  Then it provides the maximum nutrition for the horse for the tendons and ligaments, increasing stamina, recovery, performance, shiny coat, and great hooves…all for $.70/day/horse.  

The supplement is granular and added to the feed. It needs to be given twice a day, unless you have an added situation, founder, sesamoiditis, bowed tendon; then you can do free choice.  

It’s funny; many people have little idea if they need a dietary supplement. If your horse is chewing the barn down, cribbing, eating dirt, has a dull coat, no muscle mass, looks depressed, aggressive, cranky, loose stools, poor hoof quality, bowed tendons, ulcers, contracted tendons, sesamoiditis, OCD's, lame, gimpy, three legged, cracked hooves, cannot grow any new hoof, colic, barren, not recover well after exercise, anxious, nervous, slowing down, lethargic, unable to concentrate, poor immune function, fat, Cushing’s disease, swollen knees, young horses knees not closing by two years of age, poor digestion, etc., are just a few examples….

This formula also renews every cell in the body with oxygen, which allows an injured horse to recover soft tissue and bone in half the time.  The horse racing industry is finding that protein is creating an acid ph in horses, allowing Lactic Acid to build-up. The need for calcium that the body can digest and put to use is becoming more and more critical. Calcium neutralizes lactic acid and flushes it out through the system. Without it, horses need to use Lasix, which has shown to continue to flush calcium out of the horses system for 72 hours after racing.

Quick story, Larry Jones renown Race horse Trainer of Eight Bells and many more great Stakes horses, was half owner of a nice two year old colt that ended up with sesamoiditis.  Vets told him to give the colt away. Larry decided to give him Maximum Performance instead and 45 days later they took new x-rays. Wow, he had recovered greatly and the bone density really improved.  Larry now thinks he can put this colt back into training after another 45 days on the supplement.

Without minerals, the enzymes and vitamins cannot be used by the body. Professional trainers use Maximum Performance supplement to reduce their feed cost, prevent higher Veterinarian bills, and yet allow the most nutrition into their horses.   
Questions? Connect with Susan….

From Gina… Please note that supplements, whether for horse or human, depend completely upon each individual assessment. I am only suggesting this product to try if you are having trouble with your horse’s health. I recommend you check with your veterinarian and his/her assessment of this product. My interest is for informational purposes only. Receiving no compensation for this referral, nor affiliated with this company in any way, it is my sincere wish for you and your horse to prosper and have a purpose filled, healthy life.

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