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Daryl Boyd

From Galena, Ohio, USA, meet Daryl Boyd, President Arthrogen GmbH. A successful corporate executive, Daryl interviews about his horse heritage as well as breakthrough technology in the world of horse medicine….

Tell me about growing up on your Grandfather's Ohio farm and your Dad’s farm in Michigan….
My grandfather’s small farm was north of Toledo, Ohio. The farm had horses, cows, chickens, pigs, field equipment and an old car he drove to the farm. Yes, I can never forget that farm. You see, my cousin (who now is a doctors) at age 3 and 2 respectively, decided to stay in the car one day. And unfortunately for my granddad, he left the keys in the car.   My cousin had the steering wheel and I was on the floor manning starting the engine, and mashing the gas pedal. Needless say we hit a telephone pole, almost ran over my oldest brother’s leg, and crashed into a brick wall….. so we were told. We woke up in the hospital and our names were written in the local newspaper captioned; “Youngest 2 drivers in Ohio have their 1st car accident!”

My dad’s Michigan farm, I only periodically visited him up to the age of 9 or 10. My 1st encounter with farm life was at age 3. One of my brothers and I walked outside through the kitchen into the backyard toward the huge red barn. And what was waiting for us was the meanest rooster on Earth. His name was Tom. Tom spread his wings started squawking and chased my brother and me - crying for our lives back into the house. My dad conveniently got the broom and quickly tamed ole Tom. What I remember most was getting lost in the tall corn fields and loving every moment, until the neighbors 2 hound dogs chased me home.
My experiences with horses dates back to my beginning at my grandfather’s farm. Whenever I wasn’t assisting wrecking my grandfather’s car, I was held onto a horse. My long term encounters with horses were many summers as a camper at YMCA Storer Camps as they were called in the day, located in Napoleon Michigan. Later in College, I became a camp counselor.  When the advantage of being a counselor, I could ride horses almost every evening. My favorite horse his name was Chief. On a background of white Chief had large gold spots with occasional black spots. He was a leader of the pack. Chief had a reputation of only letting a select few ride him. If we were out on a ride with the campers, Chief would see to it that before the ride was over, I’d be ridding him. I wanted so very badly to buy this horse. He was my first horse I loved, and I think he felt the same way.

Now you travel the world representing GOLDIC. 
What is GOLDIC?
As far as application for horses, we are selling GOLDIC enhanced Gelsolin for lameness regeneration. AND to be certain, we can regenerate ligaments, tendon and cartilage in all animals.

Seven years ago our 1st animal patient, a horse name Commander, had revived two failed therapies: anoids, and then Hyaluronic Acid + Steroids for a Right Suspensory Ligament Defect. With 6 weeks to go for a jumping competition, Commander was treated with GOLDIC. Commander competed without any sign of lameness or pain. Commander is now 19 years old and still competing today. 

Watch the video with Dr. George Veith, DVM, Germany; Dr. Professor Ulrich Schneider, and Commander....

GOLDIC is a key technology…on the basis of patient own blood (autologeous),  under presence of gold particles we can induce defined cytocine production. These cytocines are injected in the defects area. All kind of tissue can be treated, ergo: Treatment possibilities of several degenerative and/or inflammatory diseases.
Indications: Chondromalacie/Osteoarthritis, Tendinosis, Sesamoidosis, Bursitis, Spine disorders, Woundhealing, Parondontitis.

Helping Humans and Animals excites us! Enhanced Gelsolin is a protein up regulated by our Arthrogen, GmbH GOLDIC Product. Gelsolin actives site specific sleeping stem cells. GOLDIC stimulation of blood is done outside the body, and then after 24 hrs the 1st of 4 injections are accomplished. 

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From Gina: 
Please note that any medicine, whether for horse or human, depends completely upon each individual assessment. I am only suggesting this product to try if you are having trouble with your horse’s health. I recommend you check with your veterinarian and his/her assessment of this product. My interest is for informational purposes only. Receiving no compensation for this referral, nor affiliated with this company in any way, it is my sincere wish for you and your horse to prosper and have a purpose filled, healthy life.

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