Monday, October 14, 2013

Namrata, Author

Privy Trifles, aka Namrata, is an investment banker by profession and a child - woman, a dreamer, a dancer, a bibliophile, a poetess, a writer, a painter, a singer by passion is how Namrata can be described who blogs at Memoirs of Me and Reviews and Musings  apart from being a reviewer for leading publishing houses. 

A lover of words, paper, and memoirs, Namrata is one of 25 writers included in a new anthology 25 Strokes of Kindness.

Describe a day in the life of a writer...
I am an investment banker by profession so my day typically begins early in the morning as I need to report to work by 9 am.  I love observing life very closely hence I note down all that comes to my mind during the day and give some shape to it. A story, a poem, 55 fiction, a post or if nothing else then an FB status, but words keep me company throughout the day and night too.

Once I am back from work I blog, read and use the social networking sites to keep myself abreast about the world!

Where do you like to write?
I love writing indoors the most, preferably at my desk with my favorite coffee mug for company!

How do you maintain thoughts and ideas?
I carry a diary with me 24*7. Yes I even sleep with it lying under my pillow. I scribble anything and everything that comes to my mind and then give shape to it at leisure.

Are your characters based upon true life or fiction?
Depends on the story. Like if you ask me, most of my blogposts are real life stories with true characters. But then someone once told me a real writer has to be able to write real fiction. And so I started writing imaginary stories then.

Who is your favorite author?
It has to be R K Narayan and Paulo Coelho undoubtedly. I simply love the magic R K Narayan wove in his masterpiece Malgudi Days. I wish to create something like that where even fantasy seems existent to the readers. About Paulo Coelho I love the way he narrates his own experiences as stories making all of it come alive. Someday I want to write like them and become immortal in my words.

You are currently published in a new anthology release. Can you give us a small excerpt from your story?
Well, I am published in a book called 25 Strokes of Kindness by Grapevine India. The entire anthology is based on random acts of kindness. The title of my story is A Rare Sight and it’s the story of a father and a daughter.

“In his childhood Suresh used to love darkness for it meant endless of play and no studies. He used to wait for the power failure to happen and would jump out of the house the moment it happened. But off late he had begun to hate darkness; a hatred so strong that right now a shiver ran down his spine the moment he opened his eyes for a moment and saw only darkness around. It reminded him of Sampoorna; his life, his pride, his joy, his heart, his soul, the only meaning to his existence, his princess whom he lovingly called ‘Sampi’…”

Oh, sounds intriguing! I would like to read the rest of the story.
How can I purchase a copy of your book?
The book is getting released on 23rd October and is currently available for pre-release orders.

What are you currently writing?
After this book, my second book (another anthology) called Time’s Lost Atlas by Half Baked Beans is releasing in December 2013. That is also again a very unique project where 11 authors have come together to write about 11 events of the last decade which changed the way we saw life. There is another project that I am working on. There are some 20 bloggers who have come together to work on a book, an anthology actually with various genres. It’s exciting working with likeminded people as the enthusiasm is so infectious that you push yourself beyond your limits to give your best. I am also working on my manuscript. Amidst all this blogging continues to be my favorite activity and so does reviewing. As I said before anything that has got to do with words is something I am always involved in.

List 10 things that people may find of interest about you....
Well that is kind of tricky as I feel almost everything about me in known in public; I will still try:

I write daily and it’s kind of so deeply programmed that I cannot sleep without that. Could be in my phone’s message box, post it, diary, FB or just any random paper. But it has to be writing.

I have learnt 7 types of dance forms. And there is a huge to-be-learned list pending.

I am a hoarder of letters, cards, gift cards, sticky post it notes and other such small memoirs. I have boxes full of them.

I am an excellent cook!

I am very meticulous when it comes to work. I need to plan every second in advance.

I like my stuff to be very neatly arranged all the time ( Yes!! Even in hotel rooms! I make beds there too even before check out).

I wear my heart on my sleeve always. I am falling in love every time with something new – a song, a movie, a book etc.

I sing well.

I used to stammer at one point of time in my life.

I am scared of darkness.

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Tarang Sinha said...

Good to know (more) about you Namrata! Learning 7 dance forms is quite an achievement...I'm happy that your writing career is rising. I wish you all the very best!!:)

Karan Shah said...

thank you so much Gina for this post :)

I knew most of it what is written here, but believe me it was so so nice to read it here all again and I was happily smiling, giggling (there are some weird reasons for it) at times reading it.

I just disagree to one line "I feel almost everything about me in known in public"

thank you once again, it was good to know Namrata all over again :)

Chuklo said...

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Star said...

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Laaaj said...

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