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Gypsy CaraVanners

GypsyVanner's  50 Shades of Blue, 1 year old filly
The Gypsy Horse, including the Gypsy Cob and the Gypsy Vanner, are a stunning horse breed native to the British Isles. Usually growing to about 16 hh, the Gypsy Horses are known for their flowing, feathery mane and tail.

From Brooksville, Florida, USA, meet American Registered Gypsy Horse breeders; the proprietors of Gypsy CaraVanners,  Adrian and Jennifer.

Breeding only quality bloodlines for exceptional offspring, Adrian and Jennifer share their amazing journey with their beautiful Gypsies….

We already had a few acres fenced, & decided to get a few ‘natural lawn mowers’ who needed homes. A horse was on this list, I hadn’t had a horse in years and thought it was about time to get another.

One night Adrian was looking online in the local newspaper for critters and I heard from the other room, “Honey, it’s more than we agreed to spend, but I want him.” As I looked at the sale ad for $1,200, and saw this rearing horse…mane, tail, and feather flowing (now known to be Gypsy Gold’s Cushti Bok)…I looked at him and said, “Number 1: A horse like that doesn’t exist…Number 2: If it does, it’s not $1,200….It’s a spoof ad.”

This sent Adrian on a mission to prove me wrong. It wasn’t long after that he ran in the room, laptop in hand, stating “They do exist!” We spent the rest of the night researching Gypsy Vanners, and tearing up as we read Dennis and Cindy’s story of finding their 1st Gypsy Vanner…Cushti Bok.

Gypsy CaraVanner’s 1st Gypsy Vanner 
Jenn’s Blue Eyed Stallion

Jenn's Blue Eyed Stallion
Shortly after we found out what a Gypsy Vanner was, we started making the ever so long drives to tour farms in Florida. Two had passed, and I was driving to a business appointment just off the Countyline Road. I almost drove off the road as eyes fixated on the passing sign. Did I really just read that?!?! A Gypsy Vanner Farm, just down the road from my house! Lucky Charm Vanners nonetheless! I had to turn around to be sure! I circled past the farm 3 or 4 times, trying to catch a glimpse, & hoping no one noticed me stalking their horses!

Steve and Julie at Lucky Charm Vanners have been wonderful throughout the last few years, I’m not sure they realized that selling us Blue meant ‘adopting’ 2 humans for a few months until he was weaned. You could see his bright blue eyes from across the field; he was all leggy and curly….probably less than a month old. Blue was friendly as could be from the 1st day we met him…along with a sweet, but pesky lil’ filly, named Blossom.

A few days had gone by, Adrian and I were out to dinner. He told me that Blue had been sold. I did my best to choke back the tears welling up in my eyes…he let me go for a few days before telling me that he bought Blue for my Birthday! I wasn’t sure if I was happy, or mad at him for making such a big purchase without me. He even had Julie in on it, against her will….I still can’t imagine what Julie thought when he went over with his buddies…..

Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom is by far our most intelligent and curious Gypsy! She had us pegged for suckers from Day 1. We purchased her ½ brother, Jenn’s Blue Eyed Stallion, from Lucky Charm Vanners, and he was not yet weaned. Lucky for them (Ha!), Blue was our 1st Gypsy and their farm was only a ½ hour from our home! So everyday we would drive to groom and work with Blue. And everyday, Blossom would hopelessly follow Adrian around, and rummage through the grooming caddy. So, while I groomed Blue, Adrian groomed Blossom…when Blue got halter and lead lessons, so did Blossom.

One day we brought carrots for the mares, or so we thought, & learned just how powerful Blossoms jaw was! Blue was having issues biting through the tip, and Blossom was powering through the entire carrot like Bugs Bunny chomping through a carrot…no one could believe it…I think Gold Rush’s Sugarfoot (Blossom's Dam) was even surprised to see her ‘lil girl chomping through the hind end of a carrot that she could barely get through herself! A sad day came for Blossom and Blue when Blue left for our farm. It wasn’t much later, that Blossom followed Blue home to Gypsy CaraVanners….

You will see Blossom standing by the gate for hours, wiggling her upper lip, trying to figure a way out! Once she does, she’s not out for just her freedom, but independence too! She carefully closes the gate behind her after each escape, so the other horses don’t follow her!

When we first moved into our new ranch, we had a few horses roaming around letting them get the ‘lay of the land’. Blossom noticed quite quickly that the little box next to the garage door, opened the house! Although she wasn’t sly enough to read the code over my shoulder, she had no problems lifting the cover and pressing buttons with her muzzle!

Gypsy CaraVanners was stunned when they found Westmoreland Blue Girl. She was Grand Champion Mare at the Georgia Feathered Horse Classic in 2009…Blue Girl was only a year and a half old! Her bright blue eyes with the overo, and tribal pattern make her quite unique! Blue Girl is a registered GVHS Futurity horse. Her 2012 foal, by El Brio Charlie, is GVHS Futurity eligible. 
Anubis' Feathers at sundown

Gypsy CaraVanner’s is proud to have Westmoreland Anubis as their new and upcoming stallion. Anubis is the last born son of The Lottery Horse. Already, as you walk up to Anubis, his thick neck & chest give no indication of what a truly kind & gentle spirit lies behind those peppered blue eyes. Anubis belts out a friendly neigh every time you approach his pasture….guaranteed to put a smile on your face, no matter how bad the day! We have every confidence that he will fill his father’s horseshoes!

Connect with Adrian and Jennifer….
Gypsy CaraVanners
(864) 72 GYPSY


2 BLUE Eyes! Tri-Color! Agouti! White kissed ears for luck! And almost ALL white! 
Congrats to HV Snowflake & GG Mojo on a healthy lil filly!!!!

Jenn’s Blue Eyed Stallion & Naomi are happy to announce 
their healthy filly born 2/6/13!

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