Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Frédérique Lavergne, Artist

From Paris, France, Frédérique is a world renowned artist.  
Now living in Bayonne, France, she is in the process of painting Fauji, Marwari Stallion of India….here are a few of her beautiful paintings...

When did you begin painting?

My mother was designer and I saw her drawing all my childhood. When we went to visit their horses at the stable in Rambouillet forest close to Paris, we stayed there for the week end, they used to go for a long ride in the forest, and I stayed at stable with the horses... I begun drawing horses there, I was four or five. I started to ride at the same time, even if I was on a horse yet when my mother was pregnant.

Why do you like to paint horses?

I paint horses first because I feel a strong link with them. I don't talk a lot, and I realized very young that horses talk with their soul. I find them beautiful of course, but I am fascinated by their powerful soul, by their generosity to humans... They have a symbolic force, and from my convictions, they are able to go from a world to another, from our human world to the one of invisible... that's why they help us to know who we are.

What medium do you use for your work?

I use oil, acrylic, ink, black stone... But mostly oil on canvas.

Where is your favorite place to paint?

I can paint everywhere. When I paint, I am absent to this world, I just search to make this connection alive.

Where in the world are your paintings?

I have canvases in USA, Chislhom Gallery Pine Plains, NYin Greenlane, Ireland, In Marceau Gallery, Nantes, France, Entre sable et bruyère Gallery, France..

You capture the soul of the horse in your artwork. Do you only paint those horses that you feel 'connected to'?

I can paint all horses, because I feel connected to all of them. DO they have a common soul? There are some horses who don't open the door easily, and sometimes it takes more time for me to get in the work, but, finally, I have never given up with any of them. This must seem silly, but often I feel to be more a horse than a human...

Do you have a favorite horse breed to paint? 

I have no favorite breed to paint. I love to paint expressive horses... so of course, I love to paint Andalusians. They are the horses I mostly paint. But I have recently discovered Marwaris, Kathiawaris and really felt in love with them... I hope to go to India very soon to meet them in real. They look so magical...I am really impressed by the way they carry their head.

How many different breeds have you painted?

I have painted many breeds... Mangalargas Marchadores, Paso finos, criollos, Spanish, Lusitanos, Akhal tekes, Arabians, Marwaris, Kathiawaris, Desi horses of Pakistan, Holsteiners, draft, Friesians, barb... but for the next edition of my exhibition "horses of the world and equine cultures", I have many others breeds to paint.

Who is your favorite artist?

My favorite living artists are Susan Leyland, Viviane Duccini, Hrovje Dumancic, Heather Jansch, four equine sculptor; Jeanne St Cheron, equine painter.  Pierre Soulages.  Passed away artists, Géricault, Klimt, Stubs, Delacroix, Degas, Escher.....there are so many I love..

Do you have suggestions for new equine artists?

Suggestion for new equine artists...spend more time you can with horses, just trying to be WITH them, feel them, meet them, then draw a lot, and be ready to pay the tribute with your life ... I paint each day without any stop since more than ten years, when I don't paint, I am with horses, I watch horses photos, video, read horses book, talk with horse men, learn on equine culture, dream horses....

What are you currently painting?

Currently, I am painting FAUJI, a Marwari Stallion.

See more gorgeous artwork…

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