Thursday, December 1, 2011


Landing like bullets 
on my hat, keeping me from floating;
seeps into my inner self,
seeing but not believing

It finds a spot on my skin
and moistens inner layers,
it chills my thoughts,
soaks my stanzas

I like the rain,
it makes me feel washed and anew,
refreshing and depleting,
the rain cleanses my soul

© Gina McKnight 2011


Coloradocasters said...

Delightful poem and enchanting photo. Found your blog via OBN and now following.

tetaron said...

nicely written.. :) keep posting.. will follow you

Anonymous said...

I love this poem! perfect coz it's been raining in our place lately...

Will Of Heart said...

I truly love the poem ... I also love the rain ... keep posting.. best regards!.. :-)