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Kaustav Bhagawati

From Guwahati, India, Kaustav is a progressive student at Priyadarshini College of Engineering, an entrant in the 2011 Marwar Cup Creative Writing Contest, a founding member of exotikindia.com....

You are from India. Where in India? What is your cityscape like?

Most of your friends probably haven’t even heard about Assam and I bet my Bs on that. It is in the northeastern part of India. As for the Cityscape you would find just green patches on Google Earth. My city is Guwahati. Surrounded by hills and rivers. And there is Google. And ‘Bs’ means B(uck)s.
What is your profession? 

The only thing unprofessional about me is my profession as I don’t have one. I have to attend classes for my living. They say one day I will change the world. Till then I have to maintain my disguise. Education is barbaric. Such a primitive tradition should be shaken off the modern world.
What is your definition of the perfect profession?

Maybe the perfect profession would be in being a thief in the third world. He would have access to a stupefying amount of black money. And I think feel Zuckerberg too is quite comfortably ensconced in his seat.

Tell me something about yourself...
I am single. Period. And of course I like doing things. And that could mean anything doable on the couch. And believe me a lot can happen at the couch. And when you are just beginning to think that I am just a bit kiddish, let me tell you I could strain your grey cells and put them in distress. 
You entered the 2011 Marwar Cup Creative Writing Contest. What was your entry about?   What would you change?

I enjoyed the contest till the results were out because then I felt like stalking and harassing the judges forever. I have managed to do so with just one of them. My story was sort of a murder plot in 300 words and the only one of its type. But the judges were busy being sentimental nincompoops wiping their eyes after some boring story which did not even have sex.

What is your life's ambition?

Oh please I am going to give it a pass.
Where do you see yourself in ten years? twenty years?

Perchance I will still be almost finishing this interview. And the rest is full of gore and would demand censorship. 

If you could change the world, what would you change and how would you change it?

Do you want me to brag and put you off to sleep? Everybody can change the world. But how many actually care to even talk about it when not on the dinner table or at a party. And I don’t think that my telling you that the world is the way it is destined to be , is going to be of any help.

What is your view of world politics? 

Politics is the best part about humans. It is inherent to our existence and till the time there would another living being, human or otherwise, politics will exist.
Ask yourself a question...

Why is Gina so much in love with horses? Maybe she is a horsemaid ala Mermaid. 
If you could travel to anywhere on the planet, where would you like to travel? Why..

I would like to go to the Easter Island and smoke a pipe there.

Somewhere Behind Your Eyes

There is something hidden somewhere
A lonely isle of paradise
With a touch of mischief there
Somewhere behind your eyes

A veil of mist in your teary lair
An innocence that surprise
Like a newborn lass bathing bare
Somewhere behind your eyes

A blink of your eye a dreamy soul
It strikes like a sharp arrow
When your eyes smiled and looked away
So needless was tomorrow

The sailor was drunk
And the ship lost its way
The leaves of the shy flower had shrunk
The way your eyes smiled today

Ye of unkempt faith do not tread there
Betwixt the songs the nightingale cries
The road to heaven is somewhere here
Somewhere behind your eyes.

© 2011 K. Bhagawati, Guwahati, Performance Poet

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