Thursday, December 1, 2011

Julie Bridge, Equestrian

Julie Bridge is from California, USA.  She lives in the San Francisco Bay area and is founder of The Brego Foundation, an organization devoted to rescuing and rehabilitating off the track thoroughbreds.

 Welcome Julie!

You are an advocate for the protection of America's horses.  As founder of the Brego Foundation, what is your role?  

Yes, I advocate for horses. Once upon a time horses saved my life by keeping me connected to something larger and greater than myself. I have been on and around horses since I was two years old - ironically - my first ride took place on the back of a thoroughbred mare, the very breed that my organization rescues from the horrific fate of slaughter. In 2007 I read an ad for a 17-hand off the track thoroughbred located in a Washington feedlot. I looked at the photos and his eye spoke to me. Underneath the sadness and depression I saw the faintest glimmer of his enormous heart. I was compelled to do something, compelled to take action. I rescued this horse, named Espresso at the feedlot. I sent $750 to bail this horse sight unseen. Neither of us knew that on that day a long held vision would move that much closer to manifestation, the founding of the Brego Foundation to rescue and rehabilitate off the track thoroughbreds. Brego is the name sake of this organization. I am the founder of this organization The Brego Foundation's core mission is to provide former race horses a second chance and a second career. We do this through networking with other rescues, education and providing funds and resources for horses that are rescued. At this time we have limited space for any rescued horses to be housed in our care. We have some horses housed with Southern California Thoroughbred Rescue who we consider our sister organization in Southern California. We have been diligently looking for property for over two years so that we can actively take in horses that we rescue.

The Brego Foundation will evaluate each horse for suitability as an Equine Teacher and Guide. Our experience with Brego has shown that thoroughbreds in particular are amazingly adept at being teachers, healers and guides. I believe this is due to the enormous heart of the thoroughbred and a desire to have a job that matters. If the horses we rescue are suitable for work with people in a teaching context, they will be transitioned into that roll under Mearas Leadership and Coaching. Brego was one such horse, who was evaluated and then carefully introduced into the teaching work. He took on his role as teacher last August during a Women's Workshop offered by Mearas. Brego demonstrated his gift, as each horse has their own teaching gift, of forgiveness and living in the true present. He has proven to be an incredible teacher and brings himself generously to his work.

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