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January Featured Author N.R.Hart World Poetess


January 2023

Featured Author

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10 Poems By Insta Poet N.R. Hart That Remind Us To Never Take Love For Granted


Student Stories Interview

“My Mind Had Nothing To Do With It, My Soul Chose You ”  

Meet The Romantic Poet And Author of Poetry And Pearls, N.R.Hart

About the Author

N.R. Hart started writing poetry at a young age and used her poetry as a way to express her innermost thoughts and emotions. A true romantic at heart, she expresses feelings of love, hope, passion, despair, vulnerability and romance in her poetry. Trapping time forever and a keeper of memories is what she loves most about the enduring power of poetry. Her poetry has been so eloquently described as “words delicately placed inside a storm.”

Poetry is here to make us feel instead of think; as thinking is for the mind and poetry is for the heart and soul. N.R. Hart hopes to open up your heart and touch your soul with her poetry. “Poetry is not dead, it is alive in the minds of those who feel...instead of think.” n.r. hart

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