Tuesday, March 3, 2015

N.R. Hart, World Poetess

World Poetess N.R. Hart grew up in the Washington DC area in an Italian family with a deep Italian heritage that has stayed with her her whole life. She began writing very early; she was 11 years old when she wrote her first poem. N.R. always felt "different" as a child even into adulthood. She was quiet and had close friends, but also enjoyed staying in her room listening to music and writing most of the time and always felt the need to express herself through writing. 

N.R.’s exquisite blog Pearls Slipping off a String reveals her scrumptious and evocative poetry.

Welcome N.R.!

What’s the key to writing great poetry?
The most essential element for writing poetry is "feeling" and "passion"!  The beauty of poetry is the "mystery" of it and the "interpretation" which is very individual and how people can apply it to their personal lives. 

What drives your creativity?
I try to write about every day feelings and emotions, the silent, unspoken feelings people have trouble saying out loud. Poetry is a powerful vehicle to express feelings, otherwise, we are unable to express. I am a true "romantic" and it comes out in my poetry, I love to write about romance, love and passion. 

Where is your favorite place to write?  
I love to write near a window or outside, and often take my notebook to a public place like a coffee shop and sit there people watching and writing ideas down for poems.

Who is your favorite poet/inspiration? 
e.e.cummings!  I love the beautifully aesthetic light-hearted format in which he expressed himself in his poetry. Romantic, whimsical, passionate style he has, that no one has been able to reproduce since.  They say everyone has a “poem that is their soul mate.”  I truly believe this and for me it is "Somewhere I have never travelled, gladly beyond" -e.e.cummings.

What are you currently writing?
I am currently working on a poetry book of my own (I hope to have published this year) and enjoy writing short stories also.

Do you have advice for novice poets/writers?
The best advice I can give a beginner writer/poet - write every day! Good or bad write something. The more you read and write the better you understand yourself-writing is a kind of "self-discovery".

Connect with N.R. Hart
Website: http://www.nrhart.com

UPDATE February 13, 2016
A beautiful full-color romantic journey!
New Release!
Endorsed and Recommended by Riding & Writing!

Available in eBook and Paperback here!


Jay Long said...

I have enjoyed reading her writing for the past 14 months. She was one of the first pages on Facebook to share my own writing, and I am forever grateful for that. I'm looking forward to the book. Well deserved...JL

Gina said...

Thanks, Jay. Nancy has a new poetry collection in the works, to be released later this year. Stay tuned...

Zayn Wilder said...


Khassi said...

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