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An Interview with Ohio Author Gail Popp

An Interview with Ohio Author Gail Popp

Gail Popp grew up near Spencer, West Virginia with her three sisters and one brother on her parent's farm. I met Gail in October at our Rocktober Book Festival. An engaging author, Gail is a retired elementary school teacher and principal. She has taught English as a Second Language in Ecuador, Japan and for Ohio University and Marietta College. Residing in Marietta, Ohio, Gail enjoys sharing her literary works with the world.

Welcome, Gail!

GM: When did you release your first book?

GP: My first book, A Week On Granddaddy’s Farm, is a historical fiction based on the life of the author and portrays life as a ten year old child in the 1940s in the hills of West Virginia. 

GM: What other books have you written?

GM: Take us through a day in your life as a writer…
GP: A day in my life as a writer is usually composed of continuous writing though the days until the composition is complete. 

GM: When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?
GP: I realized I wanted to be a writer when I was young. I have always enjoyed reading. 

GM: What are your thoughts on writing, editing, and marketing?
GP: My thoughts on being a writer is that it is important to have something to share with others. Editing is a necessary part of the process and book promotion can be expensive. 

GM: Who is your favorite author?
GP: My favorite author is Ken Follet. I just completed reading The Woman in Gold

GM: List things that your fans may not know about you…
GP: Things others might be interested in knowing are: I’m a retired teacher and administrator, a mother, grandmother and Great Grandmother. I live in Marietta, Ohio and have a poodle named Max. I have lived and taught ESL abroad and for Ohio University and Marietta College.

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