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An Interview with Ohio Author Jennifer Geiger

An Interview with Ohio Author Jennifer Geiger

Meet Ohio Author Jennifer Geiger! Jennifer is the author of several titles, including her new book The Blah Mobile! We connected with Jennifer last year at the Monday Creek Book Festival. Recently, we re-connected and asked Jennifer about life in general, writing, and more…

Welcome, Jennifer!

GM: What is the premise for your new book?
JG: My new book is called, The Blah Mobile. It was just released at the end of June. It involves an eight-year-old girl who learns about being nice when others are not.

GM: How do you maintain thoughts and ideas?
JG: I’m a storyteller, so when a thought, any thought, comes to me, I jot it down in a word document on my computer. I go back and forth, adding, subtracting thoughts, until I get my thoughts turned into a readable story. 

GM: Where do you like to write? 
JG: I go to my den, it’s a little room located in the back of my home. It’s quiet and away from other distractions. It’s where I go to read, pray, and to write. My own little space where I can relax or work without interruptions. 

GM: Do you have a muse or other inspiration that sparks creative ideas?
JG: Not really. I have a vivid imagination, so, when I get a thought, I wonder how will it play out in a story, and then I run with it.

GM: What are you currently reading?
JG: I like mysteries, Christian Mysteries. Current I’m reading The O’Malley Series by Dee Henderson
GM: What are you currently writing?
JG:  My latest book just came out, so I’ll be busy with that for a while, but I have started putting together words for a new book written from the perspective of the people who were the recipients who interacted with Jesus. 

GM: Do you have advice for novice writers?
JG: Just like life is lived one day at a time, writing occurs one word at a time. Don’t give up, keep writing. I didn’t start out to be an author, I wrote for my personal entertainment, but four books later, (Witness, a workbook for Witness, Patmos, and The Blah Mobile) here I am.
GM: Please share your book marketing secrets...
JG: I’d have to admit, this is the hardest part of writing. There are a lot of good writers out there, and getting your book noticed will not be easy. It takes work, a little luck and a lot of follow through, along with help from other authors and a strong determination to not give up. 

GM: List 10 things your fans may not know about you...
JG:  I love God and country 
        Very family oriented
        Been married over 32 years
        Have three grown daughters
        Have eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren
        Active member of my church
        Love to bake and entertain
        Enjoy putting together puzzles
        Retired federal employee
        Love to write
About Jennifer
Jennifer Geiger, the daughter of an oil company dispatcher, was born in Kansas, and because of her father’s employment, in her elementary years, the family transferred to Ohio. She has three grown daughters, eight grandchildren, and three great grandchildren. Jennifer has been married over thirty years to her husband, Jim. As a child, she was an avid storyteller and often entertained family and friends with various adventures created by the characters they supplied. As she approached adulthood, her passion for storytelling waned, it wasn’t until after she married and had her own family that her desire to create stories returned. 

Encouraged on by her younger brother, Jennifer picked up her pen and completed her first novel; Witness; a story about the Apostle John as he viewed life with Jesus. Witness was followed with an eight-session video and workbook series created to place the reader into the shoes of the Apostle John, allowing them to experience life with Jesus through the eyes of the disciple He loved. Following Witness, Jennifer produced Patmos, a story that picks up where Witness ends and allows the reader to see the adventures of John, as he is exiled and receives a special revelation from God. Her latest endeavor, The Blah Mobile came out in June 2022. It's a story about being nice when others are not. 

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