Sunday, March 7, 2021

This Week @ Monday Creek: March


Blogging can be cathartic. There’s something about writing what has recently transpired and what my (somewhat) plans are for the near future. Usually, I write this in my planner/journal, but thought I would branch out and share with you what’s happening in my world – which is Monday Creek.

Today is the start of This Week @ Monday Creek. I really don’t know what to write, I’m just winging it. Maybe stories of the horses, cats, business, and behind the scenes - whatever comes to mind. That sounds like a plan – we’ll see if it spurs interest, or not. Let me think… what is happening around Monday Creek this week…

🌼Zubie, my mare, and if you follow along on my social media, you know Zubie has a lot to say. She’s a flashy paint, a little bit fickle, but a very good listener. She isn’t super crazy about the cold weather and likes to stay in her stall early mornings, slowly wakes up, and waits for her lunch. She has been alone this winter. We lost her companion, Crusoe, a tall warmblood/quarter horse, last October. He wasn’t my horse but I roomed him with Zubie for a friend of mine. Zubie mourned for several months after Crusoe died. I think just recently she has felt better (emotionally). 

Crusoe was older – into his 30s. One random day, he began spinning on his hind quarters, somehow losing momentum in his back legs, unable to push himself up. The first time he did this, I called the vet and he gave him banamine, and Crusoe seemed to get better. But, within a two-week period, Crusoe was down again. It was 11AM on a Friday morning. He was spinning on the ground and his owner, Kelly, was able to calm him. My vet was not available until 3PM that afternoon. Living in a rural area, it is difficult to find on-call vets for immediate euthanization. Kelly and I knew the end for Crusoe was inevitable. I called my husband to come to the barn to help. Crusoe, flat on his side, showed no signs of getting up. We prayed for God to help us. We didn’t want Crusoe to suffer. 

What happened next was nothing but a miracle. As my husband (who is not a horseman) approached Crusoe, we watched in amazement as Crusoe stood up. It was the quickest I’ve ever seen a horse get up from the ground. We were amazed as Crusoe looked around for Zubie. She had gone into the barn (for some reason, maybe she didn't want to see Crusoe in this state) and they whinnied to each other. Crusoe went into the barn with Zubie. He acted completely normal – a little shaky in the legs, but standing, wanting to be near his girlfriend. 

By now it’s about 1PM and my friends and I had planned “Pony Club” that day. We had brought our lunch to the barn (my office is in the barn). Zubie and Crusoe listened to our Pony Club conversation while we ate lunch, talked about whatever, and waited for the vet to arrive at 3PM. In the meantime, the farrier came and trimmed Zubie’s feet and we had a nice visit with our farrier; however, the underlying tension loomed as we kept a close eye on Crusoe and loved on him all afternoon. 

It was super serendipitous – to have Pony Club and the farrier the same day, but especially to have people around when we had to face Crusoe’s death. As one of my friends always says, nothing happens by coincidence. When the vet arrived, he said to lock Zubie in the barn. She stuck her head out the Dutch door as we led Crusoe out of her sight, to the backside of our hill, to his burial site. He walked intentionally, trusting us that all would be well. The vet gave the first sedative as Kelly, who had raised and trained Crusoe, held tight to his halter. Slowly, the long-legged gelding fell gently as Kelly guided him to the ground. He was asleep. Now the fatal dose. Quietly he crossed the rainbow bridge. We buried Crusoe beside my beloved gelding Mac.

🌼Pony Club hasn’t happened a lot because of COVID19. Even though we are outside, at the barn, social distancing, we want to be cautious and compliant with government warnings. We are planning our next Pony Club for March 19th. That’s farrier day for Zubie and the weather should be warmer (hopefully). But before that, on the 15th, Zubie has an appointment with her massage therapist. I thought it would make her feel better after a long winter. A yearly massage seems to help Zubie in so many ways – she seems to perk up after a massage. The key is to have a good massage therapist, and we do.

🌼Even though the sun has been shining, the weather continues to be cold. I think it's the wind that brings the chill. We live in a valley, a wind tunnel, where the wind can be so strong that we can't keep chairs on our front porch because the wind always whips them off. Our winter has been a true winter. I am happy to be moving to spring, even though I don't mind the snow and cold. We played a lot of chess over the winter and I'm ready to put the chess board away (whew). I gave up my queen too many times. She gave it her best effort. She needs a rest. 

🌼And this blog post is about March. I like March. Several important events to celebrate and parties to not go to (because of COVID19). Zoom and/or FaceTime will have to do. Whatever. It’s all AI now. I don’t know when/if things will get back to “normal” – or is this the new normal? We all are wondering. I heard there’s a large asteroid coming our way in 2029. We better get things done while we can. However, I am in no rush. I don't rush. We don't know what tomorrow holds, but we know who holds tomorrow.

Stay tuned next week for random thoughts from Monday Creek. Sending good wishes your way.

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